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Jockstrap Fan
Superb pics! hunky-lad hot model with splendid male bod to show very sexy see-through mesh jock off. I’m getting one in black. Pic to be posted as soon as it arrives….Wish I had the body and looks of Andrew to show the jock off!
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Jockstrap Fan
Thank you indeed, John………you know I always appreciate your appreciation. You’ll be the first to see.
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Jockstrap Fan
Splendid service from Jockstrap Central…ordered on 3rd…through my UK letterbox on the 6th.[and I got a great Papi jock free!]
I got the black one. This jock is everything it says in the header to this posting…….and a lot more.
It’s at a really good price; is very well-made of quality material and fits me perfectly. {32” waist, I have the Medium}.
The 4cm[approx] waistband is very comfy on and doesn’t slip.
The pouch is very stretchy, so I reckon there’s plenty room in there for all you guys. It cradles my junk,, folds around my cock, and feels as though another guy has my balls in his hand, it’s so soft to the touch . Lift and support is perfect…in fact. it’s designed to “lift and push out,” being practically horizontal and it produces a very noticeable bulge when worn under trackies/shorts.. Oh yeah, and it’s partially see-through! with medium sized holes, to keep your package cool, , it’s perfect for showing your assets/locker room/clubbing/partying/ lounging around at home.
So if you want to get noticed or just enjoy wearing a great jock, this is the one for you. It’s available in black, white and yellow.
Get one, you guys! 1628628349110.jpeg


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