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  1. Jockstrapguy

    Get a Free Wolf Jockstrap

    GET A FREE JOCK WITH EVERY ORDER OF $40 OR MORE - 4 DAYS ONLY From now until Tuesday, January 24th, when you place an order at Jockstrap Central and your shopping cart total is $40 or more, we'll...
  2. Stiff Jock

    Stiff Jock

  3. Sunny Champion

    Sunny Champion

  4. Jockstrapguy

    Pro Jockstraps - Full info

    WEAR IT LIKE A PRO! Introducing Jockstrap Central's new brand of jockstraps: PRO Jockstraps. With the first jock out of the dugout - our PRO Proformance Jock. These sports jocks are our take on that...
  5. Jockstrapguy

    Get a Free JC Athletic Old School Jockstrap at Jockstrap Central

    GET A FREE JC ATHLETIC OLD SCHOOL JOCKSTRAP Until Friday, October 8th, when you shop at Jockstrap Central and your order's product total is $40 (USD) or more, we'll throw in a free JC Athletic Old...
  6. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: Travis Connor in blue Cellblock 13 Linebacker Jocks Harnesses with Cock Rings

    Here's more photos of our model Travis in our new Cellblock 13 Linebacker Mesh Jockstraps and Body Harnesses (with cock rings) - this time in blue. See previous post for the black Linebacker photos. Get the new Cellblock 13 here.
  7. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: Travis Connor in Cellblock 13 Linebacker Mesh Jocks and Body Harnesses with Cock Rings

    I mentioned the launch of this hot new Cellblock 13 Linebacker jocks and harnesses a few days ago, well, here's some of our exclusive photos of our 6'4" tall model Travis Connor in the new gear. As it's a HUGE photo set, to start, I'll be posting the black/grey jock and harness and posting the...
  8. Jockstrapguy

    Launched: Cellblock 13 Linebacker Mesh Jockstrap

    CELLBLOCK 13 LINEBACKER MESH JOCKSTRAP According to Cellblock 13, their latest Jockstrap is inspired by the game of football. Sure. But what we're interested in is that it's mesh, and...
  9. Danny in a SafeTGard Swimmer Jockstrap in gold

    Danny in a SafeTGard Swimmer Jockstrap in gold

    Another from the archive. From the only shoot with did with Danny back in 2008. He came up from Texas to do our shoot and then we lost touch with him. Not only is he sexy as fuck but he was one of the nicest guys. Here he's modeling a SafeTGard Swimmer Jockstrap we used to carry.
  10. Jockstrapguy

    Alpha Charlie Barack Jocks Launched at Jockstrap Central

    ATTENTION!! Check out our latest Alpha Charlie Barracks Sports Jocks that should be Military issue - ordered straight up from Alpha Charlie Central Command. They're 3 inch sports jocks inspired by the classics in multiple colors for every occasion. What we love most about these jocks: These...
  11. Jockstrapguy

    Sports Jockstrap Sale on now at Jockstrap Central

    JOCK ON WITH OUR SPORTS JOCK SALE Time to stock up on your sports jocks. All classic, modern and fetish sports jocks at Jockstrap Central are now on sale for 15% to 50% off until...
  12. Peter Rex and Steve in SafeTGard Jockstraps

    Peter Rex and Steve in SafeTGard Jockstraps

    Peter Rex and his husband Steve fooling around in some SafeTGard jockstraps. Peter Rex was a regular model when we started Jockstrap Central back in 2005. This is from a shoot we did in 2007. We became good friends with these guys and still are.
  13. Gray


  14. Jockstrapguy

    JC Athletic Jockstraps and Shorts on Sale

    JC ATHLETIC JOCKSTRAPS AND SHORTS ON SALE If you're not already a convert then here's your chance to join the JC Athletic movement. If you are already a fan then it's time to stock up: Our entire collection of exclusive sports jocks and shorts is now on sale for 15% until Tuesday, June 14th...
  15. Jockstrapguy

    The heavenly scent of jock musk: Share your photos

    Who loves the smell of a well worn jock? Time to confess and share your photos (yours or ones you found elsewhere! Here's a few I just found over on Twitter. (I'd give the guys in the photos credit but it was a retweet of a retweet.) If any one know who the guys are who who took the photo then...
  16. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: New model Jacob Chance in Alpha Charlie Cargo Jockstrap

    WHO'S THAT GUYS: JACOB CHANCE If you're wondering who the new model is in the new Alpha Charlie jockstrap at Jockstrap Central then wonder no more. He's name is Jacob Chance and...
  17. Jockstrapguy

    New Alpha Charlie Jockstrap + New Model Jacob Chance

    NEW: ALPHA CHARLIE CARGO JOCK IN GREY AND ORANGE With the debut of our Alpha Charlie Cargo Jockstrap in grey and orange at Jockstrap Central we're also debuting our new model Jacob...
  18. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: Evan in JC Athletic Old School 3 Inch Jockstraps

    Our hunky Bulgarian model Evan in our JC Athletic Old School 3 Inch Jockstraps. In case you're just tuning in, JC Athletic is Jockstrap Central's own brand of jockstraps. We brought our original Classic Sports Jocks back when Bike announced they were no longer producing jocks* We got so many...
  19. Jockstrapguy

    Cellblock 13 Gauntlet Zipper Jockstrap Launched

    JUST ARRIVED: CELLBLOCK 13 GAUNTLET ZIPPER JOCKSTRAPS Cellblock 13 threw down the gauntlet with this one - pulling out all the stops when designing this kinky sports fetish jock. Here's the low-down: A fucking hot perforated neoprene pouch - check! Functional zipper with exposing possibilities...
  20. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: William Miguel in a yellow Alpha Charlie Basic Training Jockstrap

    Just added two new colors to our Alpha Charlie Basic Training Jockstrap collection at Jockstrap Central. Get this jockstrap at Jockstrap Central here: https://www.jockstrapcentral.com/productdisplay.php?product=39016 Here's our model William Miguel in the new yellow version: