• Welcome to Your Jockstraps

    Your Jockstraps is now a full-featured website featuring discussion forums, galleries, profiles, search capabilities and a robust private message system to converse with other members. Unlike the old website, with this one, YOU control your content.

    While you are more than welcome to enjoy the site as a guest, the real fun begins when you register and become a member. And just in case you're wondering, Your Jockstraps is and always will be 100% free.

    The website may appear daunting but trust me, once you get used to it, it will feel like home in no-time. As a start, be sure to read my post in the News and Announcements Forum . There's lots of help available in the FAQ Pages and if you still can't figure something out, then post a question in the Questions, Help and Support Forum and I'll do my best to help you.

    When you do join, don't forget to spend some time setting up your Profile, it's your home. Upload a profile photo and be sure to fill in some of the Account Details as what you fill in will appear on your Profile Page under the About tab.

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Welcome to the new Your Jockstraps


Staff member
I did it! The new Your Jockstraps is here and it's what the website should have been from the start. The old website was lacking in so much, there was no way to logically view all the photos and it was a nuisance for me to approve, edit, tag and upload all the submitted photos. With the new website, YOU have complete control over your photos and content.

Although it may seem a bit daunting, it will become familiar once you start using it. Just be patient, and if you have any questions about how to use the site and how to do things, visit the FAQ Pages, visit the Questions, Help and Support Forum and read what's there and if you still have questions or need help, then just post your question in the same forum - I'm more than happy to help!

The heart of Your Jockstraps is the Forums (where you can talk about anything related to jockstraps) and the Gallery (where you can post photos and check out other member's photos). The website also gives you the ability to communicate with other members, either through your profile, the forums, the commenting system or the Conversation system (private messages).

The first thing to do after you log in...

I ask you all to set up and/or update your profile. The profile system is your home on Your Jockstraps and also the place where other members can go to check you out, find out more about you and see what you've been posting and doing on Your Jockstraps.

I highly recommend that you set up your profile:
  1. You should upload an profile photo. This photo not only shows up on your profile page but it's also what appears next to any forum post or comment you make. If you don't update it, your avatar is simply a circle with the first letter of your name in it.
  2. Set up a profile header image: Your profile can contain a header image. This can be any image that you want to decorate your profile. It's got a horizontal format, but you can upload any photo and the software will allow you to position it to make your header image. Just look at my profile to get an idea of what it can be. I made a montage but it can be just any photo. You can also choose any photo you've uploaded to the Gallery and using the menu, tell the system to make it your header image.
  3. Your location should have been filled in during registration. Your location allows other members to do a member search based on location to find guys near them. If you're not comfortable with your location showing, you can edit it and choose a location either near you or somewhere else but you have to have something filled in. To fill in your location, simply start typing your city name and Google Maps will try to locate you.
  4. Fill in more Custom Profile Fields. These are further down the Account Details of your Preferences page. Although all these are optional, if you fill in things like the About You, What Do You Like About Jockstraps, Favorite Jockstrap Styles, Favorite Movie, Sexual Orientation, Date of Birth, your profile will give others more insight about you and your likes and dislikes.
  5. Fill in your other social media handles: It's optional, but if you have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, fill in your handle, a link to your social media will appear on your profile page for other to see.
  6. Do This! Update your Privacy Settings. Here you can change your privacy settings - things like who gets to see your posts, photos and galleries. Although the defaults are generally the best settings for the best experience, if you're concerned about your privacy you can change who can see what your post. Just be aware, changing some of these settings could prevent others from finding you, seeing what you post and preventing interactions with other member. If you change who can or can not see your photos then they won't show up in the main gallery/photo page.
  7. Do This! Update your Preferences. Here's where you can set what you are notified of and how you're notified. You can set whether you get an email or notification when other members send you a message, reply to one of your forum posts or comment on one of your photos. Again, turning off too many of these settings will impact your experience and impede your ability to interact with others.
Don't Panic!

The new site may seem daunting and confusing, trust me I know as I just had to learn it all myself - and I'm still figuring things out. Please be patient, after a little while our new home will be familiar and fun.

As you start to play around and test things out, it will start making more sense. In many cases, there are many ways to accomplish things. A good place to start is to post something in the Forums or head to the Gallery and share a photo or two.

I have written some helpful FAQ entries that explain the galleries, forums and the difference between the two. Definitely read my Gallery FAQ for more details but the condensed version is:

  1. Photos: You can either post photos under Underwear/Swimwear Styles or Photo Challenges section (menu on the left hand side) - these photos MUST be photos of you (i.e. selfies) or photos you've taken of guys in jockstraps and related styles.
  2. Albums: Albums are your personal albums and don't show up under the Photo Categories. These albums can be set to public, private, or you can choose which members you'd like to have access to each album. If you set them to everyone, the photos in the album will appear on the main Gallery page. If you set them to registered members then they will appear on the main Gallery page but only to registered members.
Forums: The top bunch of forum categories are to discuss anything about jockstraps, start polls, ask questions/advice, buy/sell/trade jockstraps and more. The lower bunch of forum categories are about specific jockstrap styles. There, you can discuss the styles, post photos of yourself in each style or post some hot photos you've found elsewhere (i.e. a celebrity, a model, some sportsman in a jockstrap, some hot photos of a random guy in some jockstraps. You can also embed photos from other sites like Instagram or Twitter. Unlike the Galleries, the forums are about conversations and discussions and as I mentioned, any photos posted don't have to be selfies.


Conversations are essentially private messages. It's a way for you to have private conversations with other members through this website without divulging your email address. To instigate a private conversation, simply head to their profile and click the Start Conversation button.

Need Help?

Don't be afraid to try things out. If you make a forum post or post a photo and realize you've posted the wrong thing, posted in the wrong category, forgot to add something then you can simply delete it and try again.

If you have some questions then be sure to read the FAQ pages I'm compiling. My only main complaint about the new software running this website is they didn't provide any help pages. So, slowly but surely, I'm writing them myself.

If you have any specific questions (and I'm sure there will be lots), then just post your question or query in the Questions, Help and Support Forum. Or, you can also send me a private message through the Conversations system (essentially, a private message system). The only downside to sending your question privately is that others won't benefit from the answer.

Coming Soon(ish)

Once the website takes off and I see enough members online at one time, I'll be adding live chat to the website so you can chat with other members in real time. I'm hoping it won't take too long as I'll be promoting Your Jockstraps in our Jockstrap Central newsletter each week starting some time in January once I get any bugs worked out of the new website.

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