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I see that you wear your jock up to your belly button sometimes. More often it is and inch or two below. This makes sense because you are tall. When I was young the guys who were average height, and especially the short guys had to pull their jocks up real high on their bodies to get support. The athletes were interested in keeping their balls "up". And their cocks "up", as much as it was possible to maintain them.

I saw a really hot sight once, that I never forgot and have never seen again. A fit athletic guy was in the college locker room parading around in only his jock. He was average height. His wide waist band jock was worn very high, covering his belly button, just below his ribs. His long soft cock filled the pouch all the way to the waist band. His cock almost reached his belly button, strapped against his belly. He was about 1 out of 10,000 for cock length. A few of those guys really exist. I was so fucking impressed and jealous. I am real happy with mine, but the competitive part of me wanted to be able to match him.

His cock was not rigid. I could see it wasn't fully hard. There is a good chance it was plump, as he was feeling good wanting to impress everyone. Or, maybe it was just huge when soft. I'll never know. I never saw him any other time.

From that day on I did everything I could to look as close as I could to be like him. It's a very impractical feat to try and maintain, but I cannot erase that "standard" from my mind. That fixation doesn't own me completely. I am very content to be seen with my cock in any mode. I am an extreme grower-and-shrinker. I'm just as proud after a workout when there is not that much to see.

I have never seen another guy do the same thing as the guy at the gym. I have never seen a guy post a photo looking like that. There are enough guys on the web with long cocks, but they never show how high they can be in a jock, facing "up" when soft.

Some of your photos wearing your jock high, capture a lot of the memory. I really like the hardon. I'd like to see the same thing 1/2 hard, just looking extra long.

I think every cock looks "hot" facing up, even the shortest ones. It looks "Alpha male" to me.

I have seen straight guys walk around the locker room with a hardon filling the pouch (any size of cock). I have done that myself several times, and in the steam room too. I took Cialis and wore a cock ring to keep it up. I just acted normal. No one ever said anything, but more guys wanted to engage me in conversation, about normal topics. It is very well received as long as I am acting like a confident man, and not acting gay and cruising guys. I think every guy would like to have the balls to do that!

Thanks for the photos! Let me know if you make more!

Persistent, hornt cock boners and bulging must have popped a quarter inch of the front center seam in the pouch of my otherwise quite well-wearing JC Athletic Classic Swimmer Jockstrap. Did a little bit of stitching repair today. Probably not the most elastic stitch I chose of my limited repertoire to use, but it covers the end threading a bit so we'll see if I have to rip it out and try again. Stay strapped! See what happens when you take it off long enough to sew it?! Just utter cock chaos.

Overall, this XXL JC Athletic Classic Swimmer Jockstrap is very comfortable on my big belly and I can even sleep in it. The poly blend pouch doesn't quite saturate with cock musk in the same way as a nylon cotton blend ribbed webbing, but it chafes the thighs less. Will see how long I can get away with wearing it before it gets too skanky.