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    Managed to squeeze in one more photo shoot before my surgery on Wednesday! Won't get any photos edited beforehand but this will be my inspiration to heal and get back to work - Can't wait to start working on the images of this beautiful man.

    Say hi to Jacob Chance!
    Love the model and the jockstrap! Think I'll order that same colour!
    We do not have that color in stock yet, we can’t launch them until I can get the photos edited… so… after surgery.
    Yay! I'm finally getting my surgery. Not the ileostomy surgery I was originally waiting for (that's been postponed more due to a new complication). But I've been waiting for this new surgery for a few months. A few days in hospital and hopefully not too long to recover at home.
    I hate models that go to tanning beds. Their skin always comes out orange in our photos. Ugh.
    That's rather interesting! I've never used either (tanning booths, or tanning lotions/sprays), and don't suntan all that often, but when I do, it is sometimes fully naked. With summer approaching (hopefully!), it may be time to get some natural suntan colour.
    Here's a prime example of a bad tanning bed tan. This is our model Victor from back in 2006, the year after we started Jockstrap Central. Way before I knew what I was doing in Photoshop. Not only is he orange but check out his ass - there's a vertical white line on each ass cheek that somehow didn't get tanned.

    Ah, the things you've learned over the years, and the knowledge & experience you've built, allowing you now to create truly great pics!
    Look who what I did yesterday! Just shot Travis Connor in a bunch of new Cellblock 13 gear. I also took advantage of having this tank of a model in our studio and shot him in a bunch of our JC Athletic jocks and shorts for promotions. Here's a quick edit on one of the photos:

    By the way, Travis is 6'4" and I wasn't sure if his height would pose a problem in our small studio - but I shouldn't have worried. Sure he could do jumping jacks or even lie out on the floor but we made it work.

    Should be launching the new CB13 gear on Wednesday when you'll get to see ALL of Travis.

    So excited! Brand new model set up to shoot on Sunday. I know he's going to be another fan favorite.
    Hot site - I log in every day!
    Got two questions for the guys:
    1. I don't get it why so many guys post pics in (this site and others) of dudes in jocks that look squeaky clean. Personall I love a pic of a dude in a jock that appears to offer some significant manscent!
    2. When traveling, it would be hot to have a list of hot places to go to wearing a ripe jock for some fun. Maybe there is a list here, if so, I don't know where to find it. I always appreciate a dude in s well broken in strap!
    That's it for me right now - Keep up the great work, guys.
    Both great points. Perhaps better posted in the Forums instead of on my profile wall.

    You could start threads under the General Jockstrap Talk Forum Category - once for each topic you mention. That's what the forums are for - to start a dialog and conversation. If a Forum thread is popular it will stay jump to the top of the Forum list each time someone posts to it.

    Profile walls are more like personal diaries for each member.
    True story:

    We just launched our annual Valentine's Sale. And for the past few years we've called it the

    Get Your Heart On Sale

    with a subtitle of:

    Forget flowers, give a gift that's gonna get you laid.

    Last year after we had launched the same sale, we had a customer email us telling us how upset he as he was a florist and found it offensive - and to remove him from our list and that we lost a customer.

    We tried to explain to him that it's all a bit of fun but he was having none of it. Oh well.

    So this year I've added a * no offense to florists note to our newsletter. Let's see how it goes this year, lol!

    If you've been following Jockstrap Central for any length of time (or read our copy around the site) then you'll quickly realize that we never take ourselves too seriously.

    This is not the first time we got in trouble for our Valentine Day Sale. All I'll I say is... fart jokes are funny. That story for another day.!

    Have a great weekend!

    Dude, forget that florist. If he can’t take a tongue and cheek joke he isn’t worth bothering with. If you know your man likes flowers buy the damn roses and a jock. In six months ask which gift is more memorable - I bet the jock wins every time!
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    I guess it is flattering to think that by your one sale you were able to single handedly effect his floral sales!! Give me a break!!! Why do people need to be like that??? Not to get into politics! but this nation needs to wake up! People are easily offended by the little things for no reason... And why is it offensive to suggest a Jockstrap over flowers??? Hmmm. ????.
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    Would love to see you and Adrian in jocks.
    Well, it's not recent but the white jock and the black jock in my profile header is me from many years ago.

    I don't want to get into the details but due to health reasons, I'm not posting anything at the moment. If you're really curious, there's a very lengthy bunch of posts regarding everything I've been dealing with over the past few years (and it's not Covid!)

    If you aren't putting your socks on like this, you're simply not doing it right.

    (Our model Zack Acland head to toe in some older Cellblock 13 gear.)

    Shop Jockstrap Central: http://jockstrapcentral.com

    ...hey there JOCKSTRAPGUY...you are a good looking guy...have YOU got any pictures on here with YOU showing off in jockstraps?...I just joined today and just scanning over the other members and thir pics posted...hoping I come across some of YOU!...you look like you`d be a real good model...why are so many large good clear pics at the bottom of the page?...I am probably missing a lot of them!...take care buddy and keep jockstrapping...Jake

    I'm the guy taking the photos not in the photos. Lol!

    One day I may take some selfies but right now I'm going through health issues. I've been dealing with colon cancer and other complications for the past few years. When it's all sorted out I may end up taking some photos but I'm certainly nothing like our models. I'm 55 years old and spend much to much time sitting at my desk keeping Jockstrap Central and this site (Your Jockstraps) up and running. The most exercise I'm getting right now is rolling around the floor and taking photos of our models.

    I'm not sure what photos at the "bottom of the page" you are referring to, but if you're talking about the photos here on this page - this is what you call a profile feed. Every member has one. It's more like a diary or posting "wall" where you can update other members on what you're up to, post musings and other members can post on your "wall".

    The high resolution photos I post on my wall are mostly photos of Jockstrap Central models - often when I've just completed a photo shoot or are set to do a new photo shoots with one of our models.

    Hope that clears things up. If not, send me a private message (called a Conversation) and I can help you figure things out - one on one.


    John (aka jockstrapguy)
    Finally! A new bonus gallery will be launched this weekend. This one is featuring our hot ginger bear cub model Zack Acland. One of my favorite models I've ever worked with. Such a shame he moved back to Australia.

    By the way, can't figure out why I've had a boner all week while editing 122 photos. Can you?

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and thank everyone here for supporting Your Jockstraps (and Jockstrap Central) this past year.

    Apologies for not being around as much as I'd like over the past few weeks but as I'm sure you know, this is our busiest time of the year at Jockstrap Central. On top of that, with all the extremely delayed Nasty Pig gear showing up unannounced, it's created a bit of chaos.

    Adrian and I were supposed to be heading to Newfoundland for Christmas yesterday to spend it with my parents and to have a relaxing week off but on Sunday, thanks to Covid and the Omicron variant, they changed the rules so the only way to go there would be to quarantine for five days when we got there (despite us both being triple vaxxed!) Considering we were only going to be there for six days, we canceled the whole trip. So, we scrambled to go grocery shopping (and liquor shopping) over the past few days so we can have a low-key Christmas here at home with another couple (who were on their own for Xmas). It'll certainly be nice but feel bad for my parents who are beyond disappointed.

    As for my health, many of you know that I'm waiting to have my ileostomy reversed. I even had my pre-admission testing done about a month and a half ago but the hospitals here are still playing catch up on necessary surgeries so mine got delayed. My surgery isn't dire as people live with ileostomies all their lives. All the blood work I had done will now have to be redone and with Omicron running rampant, I'm pretty sure I won't be having my surgery anytime soon. I feel fine but having this ileostomy is a nuisance and just want to have it reversed.


    Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and avoiding Covid - and for those who do end up with, hoping it's just a mild bout of it.

    Here's to 2022! I don't know about you but I can't wait to see all of you guys in (and out of) your jocks and gear. Always the highlight of my day: coming to this site each morning and checking out all the hot and horny photos. Everyone should start their day with a boner, don't you think?


    sending happy, healthy, jockstrap recovery and a time to rest and re-charge - for both of you. Thanks so much for what you do for so many! Happy holidays and Happy New Year - sending love
    Wishing you a speedy recovery once you get your procedure.
    Thanks for this great site, John. I love it.
    A boner at the start and end of the day, I say.
    A happy and healthy 2022 full of sunshine and happiness. Love, light and jockstrap lust
    Yay! New postcards just arrived. In case you don't know, with every order we include a 5x7 postcard. The front has one of our models in a jock and the back has a 10% discount code to use against a customer's next order. (It also has a description about the product the model is wearing plus a place to write a note, address and stamp in case you're brave enough to send it to a friend through the mail!

    We generally change the postcard design every month and a half.

    Here's what's on the front of the new postcard:

    When guys remove themselves from the Jockstrap Central newsletter email list there's often a few chuckles or interesting ones when you read the reason they give for leaving. Here's a few:

    Reason: "I don't need this addiction anymore"

    Reason: "I have too many jockstraps and it's winter in Victoria, what other reasons do you need!"

    Reason: "I’m fat"

    Reason: "My wife found my private email. Oops."

    Reason: "Disgusting pictures"

    Reason: "No job. No money. No fun."

    Reason: "Don't really wear jockstraps. Though I do enjoy looking at your tattooed hunk in and out of them. Fix me up with a date anytime."

    Reason: "Fuck off"

    Reason: "Not enough dicks"

    Reason: "I've got more jocks than I need."

    Reason: "Not as careful with the exposure of private parts as it once was. Too Much."

    And then there was few after we made a small statement in our newsletter supporting Black Lives Matter:

    Reason: "All lives matter."

    Reason: "Your offensive comments in the Black Lives Matter post on your homepage."

    Reason: "The last email notice from you contained an opinion piece on black lives matter. While I agree with your stance, I believe that your personal opinions belong on social media and not on a communique associated with business."

    And finally, sometimes they're sad. We've had three people over the past few year removed from the list because the person died.

    Just thought I'd share some of these.
    I would like to comment on this one: "Not as careful with the exposure of private parts as it once was"

    I think he may be confusing Jockstrap Central with another store. We've been exposing the private parts of our models since we launched 16 years ago. LOL!
    "Opinion piece." Some people make me sad. And may those who are no longer with us rest peacefully.
    You know...the "exposure of private parts" on JC site is sexy and fun of course, but it also provides practical perspectives of how different jocks fit, move, support or accentuate, or minimize those "private parts"... I have been sold on a jock specifically because of what I can ascertain from those shots. I feel way more confident buying online at Jockstrap Central because of the marketing, info, and photography...
    Keep on "exposing"! 😉
    It's happening.

    As many of you know, I've been dealing with cancer since being diagnosed with it back in November of 2019. I won't get into the details as there's extensive posts about it somewhere down my profile feed.

    But, the short of it is, I had colon surgery on May 5th of this year and they installed an ileostomy. I know some people live with these things all their lives but I hate having it. My surgeon told me I was a prime candidate to have it reversed and I just got the call...

    I'll be having the reversal surgery sometime within the next month. (They can't tell me exactly when as as good as our Covid and hospital situation is, they are still playing catch up on all the postponed surgeries during the height of the third wave here.)

    I'm sure you can imagine, but my head is spinning right now. Sure, I'm happy to have the surgery but trepidation goes along with it. Not to mention, going into hospital (again) puts an incredible strain on our business. Not knowing when this is going to happen makes it very difficult to plan updates for Jockstrap Central while I'm in hospital and recovering.

    Will keep you posted.
    Any idea why I love shooting our model Chance?

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    (No I'm not crazy, it's Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend!)
    Just chain me to my desk already!

    As most of your know, we went 8 months without being able to shoot (from November to July). Well, now we're making up for lost time and shooting like crazy (which means hours upon hours of editing photos as well.)

    Here's how insane it is...

    We shot our new model Tan Blitz on September 23rd, our sexy Germany model was finally able to visit Canada so we shot him on September 27th. We're shooting another new Brazilian (I believe) model on October 15th and our cute but uber-dirty model Chance on October 16th.

    If I'm a bit absent from here, that's why.


    Sorry guys for being pretty well absent for the past few weeks. With things opening up here in Toronto and finally able to do photo shoots for Jockstrap Central I've been basically chained to my desk trying to get a backlog of photos edited and new products launched.

    As much as I'd love to be hanging out on Your Jockstraps more, it's more important that I concentrate on Jockstrap Central. After all, it's only because of Jockstrap Central that Your Jockstrap can exist.

    Not being able to shoot our models and launch products the "Jockstrap Central" way has impacted our business over the past 8 months. But all my hard work shooting and editing and launching is paying off.

    Unfortunately I can't relax just yet. We have another photo shoot tomorrow and another next week shooting brand new Cellblock 13 gear, King Dick gear and LOTS of new Bruto jocks, swimsuits, tanks and underwear. It's a good thing I love my job!

    In case you're curious, I'm shooting our hot Mexican model Lenny tomorrow. In case you don't remember him, here he is:



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