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  • Maybe it's because I'm Canadian, older, or maybe because my parent raised me properly, but I'm always amazed at how many people have no concept of politeness when communicating.

    Sure there are some guys who ask me to "Please" remove my account but most guys just send me an email saying "Delete my account". Would it hurt to say please and thank you?

    I think this is a key to what's wrong in the world.
    Some guy just cold called me trying to sell us an AI enabled search plugin for the Jockstrap Central.

    Don't judge me, the only reason I kept the conversation going was he had an Irish accent and I pictured the guy on the other end of the phone with having short dark hair, hair chest and wearing a sports jock. I also told him to call back in a month.

    🔥 ;)🔥
    When it rains it pours...

    Just finished landing a new model for a shoot next Thursday and as soon as I was done, another hot model approached us. I've also go another one ready and waiting.

    If you like your guys Latin and compact, you're going to love Milo Miles. He appears on a lot of those dad/son websites where he plays the son. A bit of a departure from most of our recent models but wanted to mix it up a bit. We're also bringing in some new GX3 jocks from Japan so he'll suit them perfectly.
    Got back last night from PV and at the hospital this morning waiting to see if my bloodwork is good enough to get my chemo treatment. Hopefully all those margaritas I drank replenished my notoriously low platelets!

    Regardless, I’m back, rested and ready to get back to work!
    Sorry I've been a bit absent from this website and delinquent in replying to some of the Conversations I have going with a number of you. I've been crazy busy trying to get all these new products launched. Three shoots in four weeks with a bunch of new gear showing up unexpectedly - so I'm chained to my desk editing. The thing about an online store (one that decided to shoot our own catalog photography) is we can't sell the jocks and gear sitting on our shelves if there are no photos!

    And to make matters worse, I spent four hours today in a line up trying to get my passport renewed.. quickly. Adrian and I decided to head down to Puerto Vallarta in mid-March - and we're all booked but just realized my 10 year passport is going to expire the day before we head home from Mexico. So I couldn't take the slow route and just mail it in as I need it in less than three weeks.

    We weren't going to go down this year but finally had enough of Winter and said fuck it. Now I'm counting the days.

    Will try to spend some time here on the weekend!
    Just a quick update...

    Just organizing some new shoots. Our German model Tobias in back in town very briefly this weekend so we're going to do a quick photo shoot just to shoot the new Xtreme cock rings that just arrived.

    I'm also trying to arrange a photo shoot with our regular model William Miguel, partly because working with a new model when my head is messed up (more on that below) is difficult but also because we're also going to get the new cock rings shot on him - and our rings looks so good on that massive cock of his. We're also shooting some hot new gear from Cellblock 13... hopefully.

    As for me, personally...

    I'm back doing chemo. The good news is that it's the same as the last chemo I did which is tolerable but it's giving me brain fog. There's a few other side effects like skin issues but it's nothing too serious. The worst part for me is the brain fog as it's impacting how much work I can get done. I'm a workaholic and work is the thing that keeps me from dwelling on my health.

    I was making some headway with the new Jockstrap Central website but that's come to a standstill as programming and brain fog are not good bedfellows.

    Back to good news: Raw Studio dropped by this past weekend to show us his new leather jock (and cock ring) collection. It's amazing! Not sure where he finds these incredible leathers. I don't want to give away the surprise but I think it's going to be as popular as the Blue Collar collection.

    We're also waiting on a new collection of core jocks from Bruto. They're already shot on our model Brendan so hopefully they won't take too long before they're here and we can get them launched.

    That's it for now,

    Rough start to the new year.

    Had a nice New Year's Eve. It was quiet but wonderful with a multi-course gourmet meal (with pairings) with a few friends.

    Woke up the next day and in the afternoon my output for my ileostomy was black and tar-like. Which indicates an internal bleed (I only knew this as I had the same thing happen last August). Of course, being so close to the New Year, I couldn't get hold of anyone. Finally, got hold to the head nurse in oncology and squeezed in blood work on the same day as a scheduled MRI (another issue). And yes, it's a bleed and even though it resolved itself after 3 days I lost a lot of blood and have had no energy whatsoever. Slept a lot!

    So... I spent 6 hours getting a blood transfusion and a mega-iron transfusion yesterday (Cue vampire and magnet jokes). Pain in the ass but my energy has returned today.

    I'm finally back at work today and managed to get our new contest running - so get your jockstraps and cameras out and get snapping for a chance to win one of 5 gift certificates to use at Jockstrap Central.

    11:30 pm here and I'm just finishing up launching these damn Xtreme Magnetix Cock Rings.

    What I guessed was going to be an easy launch ended up being a three day marathon. On top of shooting the rings on both William Miguel and Tobias (and editing double the amount of photos) I had to do so many info graphics as each of the four rings were so different and descriptions can convey so much.

    I did use one of the new Photoshop AI features called Generative Fill which did save me a lot of time. Nothing crazy, just using it to extend backgrounds so images worked in different formats. Amazing how good it is.

    Anyway, off to bed. Didn't sleep well last night as my ileostomy decided to leak at 4pm in the morning. Amazed I didn't even have a nap today.

    Anyway, check out the new cock rings - they're pretty awesome.
    Deleted member 3115
    I'm 30 years, from Peru, love your dick, bro.
    Let's share pica buddy
    Deleted member 3115
    Go buddy, send me a pic, i want your dick bro
    Just a quick update. The surgery went amazingly. Doctor is happy. I’m in no pain and refused the pain meds. They’re sending me home tomorrow after lunch. Adrian is here with me and couldn’t be happier
    As the webmaster and administrator, could there be a section on the website for events? Jockstrap related - themed?

    Being a new member, and navigating this cool and amazing site, I might have overlooked a preexisting content

    I found this event today, and thought, WOW, would have been cool to know about it…

    I am thrilled to be here as a new member. Thank you.
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    I had considered a calendar addon a while back but wasn't convinced it would get used or if there was enough jockstrap events to justify it and even if there was, would guys in New York be interested in a jockstrap event in Miami? It would also really depend on the members here keeping it updated with their local jockstrap events.

    Anyway, I'm willing to give it a try as it won't cost me anything to install it except my time (even though spare time for me is scarce). I'm lucky as a company that makes many addons for the software that runs this site also makes a few other addons that I use. You basically pay one yearly fee and can download and install as many of their addons as you want. They have a calendar addon as part of their suite so I've just downloaded it.

    If I have time this weekend I'll install it and try it out but it may have to wait until I'm out of hospital and healed from my surgery on Monday. I'm crazy busy right now getting a new Raw Studio product launch ready to go as well as getting our big Black Friday sale ready as I'm not sure how quickly I'm going to be able to sit at my desk.

    Welcome to our amazing community, by the way!
    Thank you for the welcome to the community. I applaud you and your work.

    I have absolutely no idea how a website or page works. Kudos to you, and kudos to this site. It’s as though perhaps I have found a home.

    Hopefully the surgery is elective. Regardless, wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.

    Perhaps an ‘events’ button or tab (is that the correct lingo for websites?). Obviously they all need to be jock-jockstrap related. I don’t know what I could do, but I am willing to throw my hat in to help.

    Regardless. Thank you sooo much for the quick reply, and again for this cool forum. I appreciate your work.

    be well.
    Haven't given an update in a while...

    I'm still working on the new website, ended up having to take a break from it to catch up with neglected Jockstrap Central work and also dealing with my health (again).

    The good news is that I dove back into working on the new site last week and tackled a huge and very important job: making the "forgot my password" work. I'm sure it sounds like a simple thing but it's actually VERY complicated as if done wrong can open you up to hackers. Anyway, it's working and I'm really happy with it.

    This morning I tackled another nagging job. To redo the Model Gallery . I originally bought a bit of code to handle the lightbox (gallery viewer with swipe, zoom and slideshow) and it was technically working and aesthetically awesome. But because of poor bit of code, when you clicked on the first small photo to load the large version and launch the viewer, it would load all photos in the gallery before opening the viewer. Not acceptable when there's a 100 photos to a page in the gallery.

    Well, this morning I found an opensource (i.e. free) bit of code to replace the other one and it's as good (and free!) and it loads the viewer right away. Did I mention it was free?? Less than an hour and I had it all up an running.

    This afternoon, I had another ERUEKA moment. We're always looking for cheaper shipping options for our Canadian customers (don't get me started with Canada Post) and found one. Although they have an API (sometime to connect to to get shipping quotes and more) but as usual, they're documentation on how to connect to and interact with it was awful. I tackled it last week and walked away pulling out all my non-existent hair (blame my father). Well, I just went back to it with a clear head and a good dose of radiation from my CT Scan earlier and boom! I figured it all out.

    Hoping I can keep up this progress and hopefully get this new site launched before the year 2029!

    As for my health, it is what it is. There's complications but we're dealing with it (I say we as Adrian is with me all the way). I have a complication which I won't get into as it's kind of gross but I'm heading in for surgery on November 29th to get it taken care of. Should only be in there overnight and hopefully the healing from it won't be too bad or long.

    Oh yeah, I also have a photo shoot tomorrow afternoon with William Miguel to shoot a new collection from Raw Studio and four new metal cock rings for our Xtreme brand.

    Is anyone still reading this rambling mess? Lol!

    We appreciate your hard work through adversity, and continued congratulations on your embodying of the pro porn daddy business owner lifestyle.

    Finding a free open source solution is always nice on the pocket book. Making sure the work of developers is supported can be messier, but a lot of people do it as a labor of love. At the same time if you want something fixed you can hypothetically pay somebody to do it the way you want since you're free to compile it yourelf.
    embodying of the pro porn daddy business owner lifestyle.


    Yes, finding a free open source solution is great but I already shelled out money for the original code. It's not completely a waste money as the cost was for a large library of Bootstrap addons and enhancements. I've used a few minor ones.

    I thought about hacking the lightbox code but the coders were smart - once I uncompressed the Javascript code, all the function and variable names were just single letters
    (i.e. $a, $b, $c, etc..).

    Honestly, the open source one is better. I've got it up an working and love it. My plan is to implement it on the current Jockstrap Central website as I've always hated the existing photo viewer. It's really clunky and flaky on most mobile phones.

    Honestly, the viewer is very similar to the one that this site used for the Gallery photos.
    Just to let you know, I just got onto BlueSky - it's (hopefully) going to be an alternative to Twitter(X) as Twitter(X) it's become a cesspool. How many ways can Elon Musk fuck it up?

    Anyway, BlueSky is still in Beta but it's looking great. There's no bots, no fake accounts, they have a smart system for posting adult content and so far it's been a super positive (and sexy) experience.

    Right now it's invite only for new signups, but once you're on and you've been there a week or two, you get one invite a day. Thanks to our buddy Tim at UnderwearNewsBriefs I was able to get an invite.

    If anyone wants an invite let me know, I should be getting my invites to give out starting sometime next week. I

    Here's the link for the desktop version but there's also an app for it for other devices.:


    I've been editing photos of Tobias in our new Bruto jocks and he has an odd birth mark on his inner thigh. So I've been messing around with Photoshops Generative Fill AI and have decent results.... until now.

    I simply gave it the prompt:
    "remove birthmark from skin but retain skin texture and body hair"

    And this is one of the results I got!

    Had to share, lol!

    Once again! We just found another online store using our images (with our branding tags cut off). It's one thing for them to find a few of our photos out there on the Internet and innocently use them on a blog or something but to use full photo sets and deliberately cropping them and not giving us any credit. Pretty sad.

    Not to mention, we have model releases and they don't extend for use by another company (without our permission, and we would never grant it without consulting with our models first). For many, modeling is their livelyhood!
    My heart goes out to you, and Adrian. Your amazing spirit should be sold/rented/given to all others who despair of life's knocks and blows! I knew nothing of your Great Challenge until this message that I just read. If/when I ever have a huge challenge ahead of me, I hope I think of you... You appear to be quite an amazing guy. I know that all of your family, Adrian, business associates, friends and customers are proud to be in your life. Please know that you are now in my private prayers and secret wishes for everything good for you.... You deserve it all for your amazing spirit!!!! XO William Gary
    Health update:

    Firstly, I apologize for not being around YJ as much as I would like to be. I've had a hell of a month with my cancer treatments and side effects. As most of you know, I'm going through my second round of chemo and this time it's a combination of chemo and immunotherapy every three weeks. At the beginning, the side effect weren't so bad, mostly tiredness which forced me to nap most afternoons. The other main side effect was skin issues which were also manageable with products. After 8 treatments in, the skin issues have subsided.

    But, four weeks ago, I ended up with a new side effect: pure exhaustion. I couldn't go up a flight of stairs without having to sit down and take a breather. That was in combination of a strange dark black color output in my ileostomy which I chalked up to having lots of soy sauce and hoisin the night before. Well, when I went for my next treatment and round of blood work, turns out my hemoglobin was down to 60. My oncologist figures I had some internal bleeding (hence the weird output) which would account for the exhaustion and low hemoglobin. So, on top of my chemo/immunotherapy treatment, I had two blood transfusions. Which gave me tons of energy. Now I know what vampires must feel like after a feeding!

    On top of all that, Adrian (husband) had noticed that I've been depressed over the last little while. He was right: I'm tired of the side effects, I'm tired of all the hospital visits and I'm tired of not being able to devote myself 100% to Jockstrap Central and this site (two things I love!) Trying to balance photo shoots around my energy level has been a nightmare.

    Because of it all, together (oncologist, Adrian and myself) we decided it was time to take a break. My oncologist told me from the start to let him know if I wanted to take a break just to let him know and also told me he just read about a study from Norway that taking a break is beneficial.

    So... I'm taking a break from it all.

    I did a CT scan and everything is stable and we'll do CT scans every 2 months and as long as things are stable I'll be staying off treatments.

    I'm already feeling better. I managed to launch the new contest, I'm back to programming and working on the new Jockstrap Central website, I've arranged a quick one week trip to head home to Newfoundland to visit my parents and can't wait to shoot all the new gear we've just ordered for Jockstrap Central.

    Yay me!
    Have a great trip!
    Deleted member 2784
    Wow, a lot to deal with!
    Thank you for all the effort here. Sending good vibes for your recovery.
    Enjoy the trip
    Sorry, late to this post. Please know that there is a community here willing to step up and help out because we are so grateful for the community you've created for us.
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