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  • New Jockstrap Central Website update:

    So, I just spent almost two weeks trying to connect to a new discounted courier API with most of my time trying to get tech support thanks to poorly written documentation. Well, I finally had a eureka! moment and figured it out so I'm once again able to move forward on the whole check out process. Hooking up to the courier API will give customer more (faster) shipping options.

    But instead of wasting time and doing nothing waiting to get replies to my support tickets, I ended up finishing up the new Model Gallery so it not only has the original galleries but I've already added more models and more photos to it (thanks to the new system that allows me to update it much easier than before). Yay me!

    I've also started working on the customer portal section which will include: 1. Review of current orders, previous orders. 2. view, edit and delete saved addresses 3. Wish list / Gift list (essentially two lists: one is personal and the other public. The personal (wish list) is for you to bookmark items you have your eye one. The public (gift list) is a list of items other people can buy you without divulging your real name or address - great for guys with social media followers.

    Unfortunately, I'm not going to make my end of January launch date but at least I'm making good progress again.
    Working on the new gallery for the new Jockstrap Central website and having to go through a lot of old models and photos. Forgot how much I love (and miss) our model Zack Acland.

    (And before you jump to conclusions... he's not dead, just moved back to Australia).

    *The new gallery is looking great. I'm not only populating it with our old photos but I've already added a tons of new photos - and once launched, it will make regularly updating it a breeze.

    No one knows what lies ahead for any of us. Getting a cancer diagnosis is like having a 300 pound gorilla on your back. It screws with your mind and your everyday life. Good news, the cure rates are so much better now. You can beat it! Each day will get better. And soon that gorilla will have to find a new home. Thanks for all your hard work here and look forward to many more years here.

    Cancer survivor 18 years
    Thanks so much, Bike57. You summed it up perfectly - it screws with your mind. I had a dark week but now I'm over it and ready to tackle it head-on. Luckily I'm really good as shoving things into the back reaches of my head and burying myself in work - which I love. It's a great distraction on so many levels.

    There's not a day that I'm not happy to start work. Not bad for something I've been doing for 17+ years. This site is another wonderful distraction. I'm in love with the community here.
    Well, here we go again.

    3 years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer and was doing really well.... until now.

    It's shown it's ugly head once more and I start chemo again in January. Ugh. So much for getting my ileostomy reversed - at least not anytime soon.

    The good news is the chemo I have to do isn't the worse and there aren't too many side effects and I should be able to work through it all.
    New Jockstrap Central website progress report:

    Man, this is a slow process. In the old days, you built one site and that was it. Now you have to build a site that works (and looks good) for a Desktop, laptop, tablet (horizontal and vertical orientation) and mobile (horizontal and vertical orientation). So essentially 5 different websites.

    The homepage is done, the thumbnail pages for brands and categories is done, the product page (with an improved photo viewer) is done. But the most important accomplishment is...

    The search feature is implemented! Took me a week to get it working and to tweak it.

    Now I'm on to the shopping cart page.

    Of course, I'm having to work on this in between all my regular chores for Jockstrap Central - like launching our huge Black Friday sale (it started today).
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Thanks for a great site.
    Thanks, that's so nice!

    However it's not my birthday! I'll gladly have two a year though. I'll tell Adrian that he owes me (another) gift! :D

    My birthday is in April.
    I saw you next to the birthday list and thought it was part of the list. Happy Days anyway.
    That's what I figured. My username and avatar will show up for everyone under the "Staff online" heading.

    Was nice to get the message, regardless!
    Hey John,
    Thank you for letting me know about Trent, still trying to wrap my head around that news. I don’t know if you can or if it’s allowed, but if any hot pics of Trent exist that you might be able to pass along I would be in your debit. He looks exactly like the guy that I lusted for in high school, that I could never have ( I realize that he isn’t because Trent would have to be 50 years old if he was, but the fantasy is nice)
    Bleak and Melancholy,
    Quite honestly, we worked with Trent regularly from 2011 to 2017. As with every model, we find out their limitations and work within them. In Trent's case, he wasn't comfortable with frontal nudity or even modeling mesh gear. Although models change into each garment in the studio, we respect them and either turn away or sometimes leave the room while they change if it will make them feel more comfortable*. We shoot a thousand photos per shoot and have done close to a dozen shoots with Trent so yes, we have lots of photos that haven't seen the light of day but they won't be any more revealing than the ones out there now.

    But, in Trent's case. I love the fact that we have documented his fitness journey. He was just starting off when we first shot him and his body was fit but certainly not remotely like what it is today. He started doing fitness competitions and we'd shoot him during his bulking up period and then again during his "cutting" periods. It's interesting to see the contrast in his body in shoots that were only a few months apart.

    Here's a never seen before photo from his very first shoot with us in an Activeman jock we never ended up bringing in (can't remember why not as I think it would have been very popular!).

    * Most of our models these days do full-frontal and more and stand around naked between garments and we don't leave the room. It seems most of our models these days are exhibitionists. That's just the type of model we attract these days and we're totally fine with that.

    Thanks, it’s actually really interesting to hear the other side of the business. And yes it sounds more like my work, I meant the variety of people part not the nudity and posing part (which let’s get real, most of us would love that at work. Well, I work for a bank so I help a lot of older people so maybe not so much)
    New JC Website Progress Report:

    Designing a responsive website is a pain in the ass. It's like having to design 4+ sites at the same time. But, I'm loving how it's turning out. And it will be mobile friendly.

    I just implemented the new photo viewing mechanism and I'm loving it. Way better then the one on Jockstrap Central now. It's much like the one here on Your Jockstraps but even better.

    This weeks main job was to design the new Model Gallery system. I think you're going to love it. With the new system, EVERY model will get a gallery as soon as we launch the first photos. It will allow me to easily add new photos to each model's gallery whenever I get some extra time to edit a few bonus photos.

    Don't ask me for a launch date, it will be done when I'm done.
    This is a fantastic site that I just recently found...def one of, if not the best, jockstrap sites out there....for those with extreme Jockstrap fetishes... and I like my jockstraps well used so lots of those here....Thanks for you hard work and effort.
    I'm really impressed with your work on the forum, site, estore - you are very appreciated man. It's nice to have an e community of guys obsessed with their jockstraps!
    Thank you so much! It's a labor of love for both myself and my business partner (and husband) Adrian. We started our online store 17 years ago and still love everything we do. Building this forum has added yet another wonderful layer to it all and gives us the chance to get closer to our customers and fans and of course other jockstrap fanatics.
    So funny!

    A porn video just came across my Twitter feed and the premise is:

    "Watch me exchange blowjobs with my straight roommate "

    Of course, one of the guys is a model for us and the other is someone we're planning to shoot and I know for a fact...

    They don't live together and neither of them is straight!
    • Haha
    Reactions: Redsucked02 and 5XG
    Capitalize on it and get them together for a sexy photo shoot?
    OMG! It's hard enough working with one model at a time and trying to get everything we need shot in a four hour shoot. I can't imagine throwing a second person into the mix.

    It would be fun but I'd also need a bigger studio!
    It's official!

    I've started to design and code the new Jockstrap Central website! Spent the last few months catching up on learning and brushing up on design and coding skills and this week, I started actually coding. I'm so pumped!

    Still going to be a few months to get it all done!
    Yay! Adrian and I got our first Monkey Pox vaccine!

    So far so good, no real side effects except the sudden urge to scratch under my arm and climb a tree.
    I got my first shot a week ago today and I'm glad I was contacted for the opportunity. I really don't want this thing wreaking havoc like COVID so I had to do what I could to ensure my well being and of those around me.
    Here in Toronto, they're giving it to anyone who wants it. I know a few people who got Monkey Pox so I'm not taking any chances. In fact, we were having one of our models over for dinner a few weeks ago and at the last minute, he informed me that he and his partner had had it but said that he wasn't contagious anymore. So we looked it up and found out that if there were still any lesions, you're still contagious - so we canceled dinner plans. They had gotten their vaccine 2 weeks previous but I guess it didn't have time to kick in. They figure they got it during Pride. Luckily, they didn't have it bad.
    I'm back.

    We were in England for a family wedding and then hopped over to Paris for a whirlwind tour of that incredible city. Our first time there and I'm blown away
    It's amazing what we accomplished in four days. No time for debauchery, just exploring and doing touristy things like the Palace of Versailles, Monet's home in Giverny and exploring Paris.

    I'm blown away with how beautiful Paris is from an architecture and planning perspective. It's beyond words. I love Toronto but it's all modern filled with glass and metal and there's no respect for anything old so it's torn down and replaced with sterile skyscrapers. Paris is the complete opposite.

    Can't wait to go back.
    So much pressure. We just (soft) launched our new JC Athletic Air Stream Mesh Shorts and I'm working on the lead graphic for our email newsletter on Wednesday.

    I'm been agonizing over these three options for the lead graphic. The designer in me would go for the first image for it's impact but the third image does a better job at communicating the complete collection of shorts. The second graphic is a compromise between the first and last.

    This is why it takes me so long to get anything done!

    We are so happy with the way these turned out. We even have really sharp custom packaging for them. William was the perfect model. And although I'm still tweaking the new photo studio, I love the quality, lighting and contrast of the photos I got with this last shoot.
    For me personally, it would be #2 with the promise not only of a tempting bulge, but also for the outline of those gorgeous arse cheeks. I love to fantasise/tease. However, the marketeer in me says #3 - unfortunately.
    Kids these days! Can't tell you how many times we post on Instagram and some young guy wants to know a model's Instagram page. When I tell them they the model doesn't have an Instagram page they don't believe me. Wait until I tell them they don't have a Tik Tok either - their world will end.

    The only reason I'm on Instagram is for the business. We get very little traffic from it but the one thing we do get from it is... models. William Miguel, Travis Connor, Evan, Matty and Jacob Chance have all found us through Instagram.
    A new one for Captain Obvious:

    Someone just emailed us at Jockstrap Central asking if we are a gay friendly company. LOL!

    All someone has to do is go to our About Us page to find out that owner John and Adrian are not only business owners but husbands - not to mention, have you read any of my product descriptions? Straight companies don't talk about bulges, back rooms, circuit parties, leather clubs, water sports, etc...
    Unreal. Just found two new more European online stores using our images to sell Meyer Jockstraps.

    At least one of them kept our branding on them. Sent them both removal notices.

    Take your own damn photos!
    Amazing given how hard it is to find jocks in Europe. Even in Britain most sporting goods stores don’t carry jocks or cups (boxes).
    It mostly happens with brands/manufacturers that don't provide their own photos. Most modern designers will give their retail partners photos to use - that's why you'll see the same catalog photos on most stores.

    Meyer doesn't produce photos. Most of the true sports jock manufacturer don't supply photos - so the retailer find ours, steal them and use them. Most will edit the photos and remove our branding. Back before Bike got rebooted, countless stores were using our Bike photos. Same with Flarico.

    And then there's Ebay. It would be a full-time job trying to get all our photos removed from there.
    Howdy John! Just curious how many members the site is up to now? Thanks for everything you do to make this community! 🤠🤠🐷🐷
    You can see for yourself! If you're on a computer or horizontal tablet, click the Home link from the main menu and the site stats are at the bottom of the right column, if you're on a mobile device, scroll to the very bottom of the page.

    There's 1705 members, 889 Forum thread topics have been created, 12, 555 posts/replies made in those threads. Members have made 521 Personal Albums. They have posted 9181 photos and members have made 23,636 comments on those photos.

    Here's a screencap of the site stats (the last part will be different for you as it's your own personal stats):

    Spread the word, lets see if we can get the member count over 2000!

    I long for the days when the Internet wasn't controlled by a handful of corporations who decide what is appropriate.

    Google is no longer a search engine, it's a bunch of ads and links to Google's own properties and the large website's it favors like Amazon, Walmart, Wish and Wayfair. You have to go to the second page of links before you get to any "real" search results. Facebook (and IG) censors men's bare buttocks while allowing fake news, misinformation and harmful conspiracies to run rampant.

    At least Twitter doesn't censor much but who knows what will happen if the whole Elon Musk thing goes through. I don't trust the man.

    By the way, if you want a true search engine that will give you real search results, respect your privacy and won't track you and bombard you with ads, I highly recommend the following (turn off Safe Search in their settings):

    Duck Duck Go: https://duckduckgo.com/

    OneSearch: https://www.onesearch.com/

    This rant was brought on by me trying to post this to Instagram:


    It got rejected for being too sexually provocative so I changed it to this:


    That got rejected for the same reason so I finally changed it to this:


    What a waste of my time.
    Just a quick, good news follow up on my health: The biopsy came back and the surgeon got everything, there's no need for radiation (which I was dreading). I have a follow up with the surgeon on June 20th but all should be ok as I'm healing well and as mentioned below, there hasn't been any pain despite sitting on my ass and working every day for hours on end.
    Well, that went well. I'm back from hospital and despite my surgeon telling me I was going to be in a lot of pain, I hardly have any. I'm sitting at my desk with hardly any discomfort. I'm not going to overdo it today but I'm happy. Not being able to work for an extended period of time would have driven me crazy.

    As for the surgery itself, my surgeon is happy, it went off without incident. He feels he got all of the cancer but will know more after the tests come back.
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