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  • Yay! New postcards just arrived. In case you don't know, with every order we include a 5x7 postcard. The front has one of our models in a jock and the back has a 10% discount code to use against a customer's next order. (It also has a description about the product the model is wearing plus a place to write a note, address and stamp in case you're brave enough to send it to a friend through the mail!

    We generally change the postcard design every month and a half.

    Here's what's on the front of the new postcard:

    When guys remove themselves from the Jockstrap Central newsletter email list there's often a few chuckles or interesting ones when you read the reason they give for leaving. Here's a few:

    Reason: "I don't need this addiction anymore"

    Reason: "I have too many jockstraps and it's winter in Victoria, what other reasons do you need!"

    Reason: "I’m fat"

    Reason: "My wife found my private email. Oops."

    Reason: "Disgusting pictures"

    Reason: "No job. No money. No fun."

    Reason: "Don't really wear jockstraps. Though I do enjoy looking at your tattooed hunk in and out of them. Fix me up with a date anytime."

    Reason: "Fuck off"

    Reason: "Not enough dicks"

    Reason: "I've got more jocks than I need."

    Reason: "Not as careful with the exposure of private parts as it once was. Too Much."

    And then there was few after we made a small statement in our newsletter supporting Black Lives Matter:

    Reason: "All lives matter."

    Reason: "Your offensive comments in the Black Lives Matter post on your homepage."

    Reason: "The last email notice from you contained an opinion piece on black lives matter. While I agree with your stance, I believe that your personal opinions belong on social media and not on a communique associated with business."

    And finally, sometimes they're sad. We've had three people over the past few year removed from the list because the person died.

    Just thought I'd share some of these.
    I would like to comment on this one: "Not as careful with the exposure of private parts as it once was"

    I think he may be confusing Jockstrap Central with another store. We've been exposing the private parts of our models since we launched 16 years ago. LOL!
    "Opinion piece." Some people make me sad. And may those who are no longer with us rest peacefully.
    You know...the "exposure of private parts" on JC site is sexy and fun of course, but it also provides practical perspectives of how different jocks fit, move, support or accentuate, or minimize those "private parts"... I have been sold on a jock specifically because of what I can ascertain from those shots. I feel way more confident buying online at Jockstrap Central because of the marketing, info, and photography...
    Keep on "exposing"! 😉
    It's happening.

    As many of you know, I've been dealing with cancer since being diagnosed with it back in November of 2019. I won't get into the details as there's extensive posts about it somewhere down my profile feed.

    But, the short of it is, I had colon surgery on May 5th of this year and they installed an ileostomy. I know some people live with these things all their lives but I hate having it. My surgeon told me I was a prime candidate to have it reversed and I just got the call...

    I'll be having the reversal surgery sometime within the next month. (They can't tell me exactly when as as good as our Covid and hospital situation is, they are still playing catch up on all the postponed surgeries during the height of the third wave here.)

    I'm sure you can imagine, but my head is spinning right now. Sure, I'm happy to have the surgery but trepidation goes along with it. Not to mention, going into hospital (again) puts an incredible strain on our business. Not knowing when this is going to happen makes it very difficult to plan updates for Jockstrap Central while I'm in hospital and recovering.

    Will keep you posted.
    Any idea why I love shooting our model Chance?

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    (No I'm not crazy, it's Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend!)
    Just chain me to my desk already!

    As most of your know, we went 8 months without being able to shoot (from November to July). Well, now we're making up for lost time and shooting like crazy (which means hours upon hours of editing photos as well.)

    Here's how insane it is...

    We shot our new model Tan Blitz on September 23rd, our sexy Germany model was finally able to visit Canada so we shot him on September 27th. We're shooting another new Brazilian (I believe) model on October 15th and our cute but uber-dirty model Chance on October 16th.

    If I'm a bit absent from here, that's why.


    Sorry guys for being pretty well absent for the past few weeks. With things opening up here in Toronto and finally able to do photo shoots for Jockstrap Central I've been basically chained to my desk trying to get a backlog of photos edited and new products launched.

    As much as I'd love to be hanging out on Your Jockstraps more, it's more important that I concentrate on Jockstrap Central. After all, it's only because of Jockstrap Central that Your Jockstrap can exist.

    Not being able to shoot our models and launch products the "Jockstrap Central" way has impacted our business over the past 8 months. But all my hard work shooting and editing and launching is paying off.

    Unfortunately I can't relax just yet. We have another photo shoot tomorrow and another next week shooting brand new Cellblock 13 gear, King Dick gear and LOTS of new Bruto jocks, swimsuits, tanks and underwear. It's a good thing I love my job!

    In case you're curious, I'm shooting our hot Mexican model Lenny tomorrow. In case you don't remember him, here he is:



    Finally! My first photo shoot for Jockstrap Central since last November (fuck Covid!)

    Our friend who owns the studio we use took this candid photo of me shooting our model Andrew this past Thursday.

    Although Andrew is wearing a pair of shorts, we shot a lot of jockstraps including a new product that so many guys on here are going to love - especially you guys who are into man scents.

    Lots of new gear coming soon!

    Good News!

    I have my first photo shoot booked since November on June 16th with our model Andrew. Haven't been able to shoot since November due to Covid lock downs.

    The other good news is that I'm setting up a studio in my home so I'll be able to do shoots that aren't specifically for Jockstrap Central. Right now we rent a studio so it's impossible to use it for anything other than business.

    I'm so addicted to photography (only been shooting for 7 years and so far it has been strictly catalog photography) that I want to explore photographing men in a more artistic and possibly explicit format. Jocks and gear will always feature heavily.

    So... if you're in Toronto and want to do a shoot then let me know. What we shoot will be agreed upon before hand. They can be as tame or as explicit as you want to go. Models will get copies of the photos to use as they wish.

    Hopefully will have the studio up and running in July.
    Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one! Thanks for creating this site!
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    Thank you so much. It was my second Covid lock down birthday but my husband managed to make it a good one for me. Good food, some great Facetime chats and some Champagne.
    & a jock strap I hope! Sounds like a good birthday!
    Why is it so hard to figure out that good product photography is key to selling something online?

    Being unable to shoot our own models due to lock down, we're having to launch with the designer supplied photos and many times they offer two photos - a front and a back shot. No closeups, no side views. It's not rocket science that the better you can show a product the more customers will have the confidence in buying a product - or conversely end up buying a product that they will not like and have to return and end up dissatisfied.

    And don't get me started on showing mesh and see-through gear blurred or covered up.

    Yes yes yes! I like it when a site offers me multiple angles and views on a product. Even better when they go into deeper specifications on what the model is wearing, like if they mention the model's build and what size they're wearing. It helps me better imagine how a product will fit on my body and what size(s) I need. I hate it when a site shows me a small number of pictures for a product in very basic angles. As you said, it's pretty bothersome when a mesh product is blurred out heavily. If I'm looking at underwear to buy I'm not there to jerk off to the models or critique their bodies. I need to better understand how a product looks and if it would look good on me.

    Plus, at the end of the day, if some people end up disliking an item that a site is selling from an outside brand or company they're gonna have beef with the site they purchased from, not from the brand. People don't usually think of the outs and ins of how companies work and what crazy constraints they sometimes have to work through.
    Deleted member 567
    I've looked through the photoshoots in your store and been disappointed to find out that the product that's being modeled is discontinued lol, good angles really sell it.
    Silly question of the day! Someone just emailed me this:

    Are any of your models circumsized?
    Lol. Answer is
    A. Let me go back and check I was only looking at the underwear
    B No but that’s a great service to add in
    C We were only shorting the uncircumcised jockstrap collection and because of COVID we didn’t get a chance to shoot the circumcised collection.
    Do you like to share with straight dude?
    Well, I finally took the plunge and upgraded Photoshop. I've been avoiding it mostly because Adobe moved to a subscription based service instead of just paying for the software outright. My main issue with that is not only do I think it's Adobe's way of gouging customers but because they're charging a monthly fee, Adobe will feel obligated to keep adding upgrades to the software which will ultimately lead to feature bloat.

    My old CS6 version of Photoshop was acting up so it was either reinstall it or upgrade. I upgraded.

    Now I've spent most of the day setting the new PS up and playing around with all the new features I'll never use. ;)

    Been re-editing some very old photos of our model Clint, partially so I can get used to the new Photoshop but also so I can update our bonus gallery over at Jockstrap Central and also post them here at Your Jockstraps. I forgot how sexy this model is. Here's a tease:

    Still in lock down here in Toronto. Getting pretty antsy. Spring won't come soon enough! The only good is I get to wear my Nasty Pig long johns when we go out for walks. (Sure wish they would bring them back!)

    At least I have Jockstrap Central and now Your Jockstraps to distract me.

    Dying to get back to shooting our models. We have a bunch of guys lined up and ready to go as soon as they lift lock down.

    By the way: don't forget to take advantage of our Get Your Heart On Sale. Everything store wide at Jockstrap Central is discounted up to 60% off until February 14th.
    Musing about Instagram:

    Not sure why it bothers me so much but I hate it when guys post photos of them in their jockstraps and tag Jockstrap Central when they're not even wearing one of our jocks.

    If it is one of our jocks and even better, one that they bought from us - then by all means. I'll even like the post and leave a comment.

    I know... I should just relax.
    Just want to take a moment to say how much I'm enjoying interacting with all our customers, fans and members of Your Jockstraps. Wish I had launched this website years ago!
    Thanx, HOT site, keep up the good work!
    We’re enjoying it too! Great, incredibly hot guys on here!
    Thank you for what you are doing. It's quite an exciting website and my favorite since I found it. I'd say that young men do not interest me. Few of them look mature and their choice of underwear is lacking. JSG, you look to be almost my age. I'll give you 10 or 20 years younger than I. Do you really find these young men that interesting? I'm just curious - Steven


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