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  • Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one! Thanks for creating this site!
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    Thank you so much. It was my second Covid lock down birthday but my husband managed to make it a good one for me. Good food, some great Facetime chats and some Champagne.
    & a jock strap I hope! Sounds like a good birthday!
    Why is it so hard to figure out that good product photography is key to selling something online?

    Being unable to shoot our own models due to lock down, we're having to launch with the designer supplied photos and many times they offer two photos - a front and a back shot. No closeups, no side views. It's not rocket science that the better you can show a product the more customers will have the confidence in buying a product - or conversely end up buying a product that they will not like and have to return and end up dissatisfied.

    And don't get me started on showing mesh and see-through gear blurred or covered up.

    Yes yes yes! I like it when a site offers me multiple angles and views on a product. Even better when they go into deeper specifications on what the model is wearing, like if they mention the model's build and what size they're wearing. It helps me better imagine how a product will fit on my body and what size(s) I need. I hate it when a site shows me a small number of pictures for a product in very basic angles. As you said, it's pretty bothersome when a mesh product is blurred out heavily. If I'm looking at underwear to buy I'm not there to jerk off to the models or critique their bodies. I need to better understand how a product looks and if it would look good on me.

    Plus, at the end of the day, if some people end up disliking an item that a site is selling from an outside brand or company they're gonna have beef with the site they purchased from, not from the brand. People don't usually think of the outs and ins of how companies work and what crazy constraints they sometimes have to work through.
    Deleted member 567
    I've looked through the photoshoots in your store and been disappointed to find out that the product that's being modeled is discontinued lol, good angles really sell it.
    Silly question of the day! Someone just emailed me this:

    Are any of your models circumsized?
    Lol. Answer is
    A. Let me go back and check I was only looking at the underwear
    B No but that’s a great service to add in
    C We were only shorting the uncircumcised jockstrap collection and because of COVID we didn’t get a chance to shoot the circumcised collection.
    Well, I finally took the plunge and upgraded Photoshop. I've been avoiding it mostly because Adobe moved to a subscription based service instead of just paying for the software outright. My main issue with that is not only do I think it's Adobe's way of gouging customers but because they're charging a monthly fee, Adobe will feel obligated to keep adding upgrades to the software which will ultimately lead to feature bloat.

    My old CS6 version of Photoshop was acting up so it was either reinstall it or upgrade. I upgraded.

    Now I've spent most of the day setting the new PS up and playing around with all the new features I'll never use. ;)

    Been re-editing some very old photos of our model Clint, partially so I can get used to the new Photoshop but also so I can update our bonus gallery over at Jockstrap Central and also post them here at Your Jockstraps. I forgot how sexy this model is. Here's a tease:

    Still in lock down here in Toronto. Getting pretty antsy. Spring won't come soon enough! The only good is I get to wear my Nasty Pig long johns when we go out for walks. (Sure wish they would bring them back!)

    At least I have Jockstrap Central and now Your Jockstraps to distract me.

    Dying to get back to shooting our models. We have a bunch of guys lined up and ready to go as soon as they lift lock down.

    By the way: don't forget to take advantage of our Get Your Heart On Sale. Everything store wide at Jockstrap Central is discounted up to 60% off until February 14th.
    Musing about Instagram:

    Not sure why it bothers me so much but I hate it when guys post photos of them in their jockstraps and tag Jockstrap Central when they're not even wearing one of our jocks.

    If it is one of our jocks and even better, one that they bought from us - then by all means. I'll even like the post and leave a comment.

    I know... I should just relax.
    Sexy face, you been in contact with me, guy wantiing see thru pouch, jockstray celehane underwear. I want to see your hot package. ( You are making me horny. 6 inches c
    You were actually emailing with my husband (and business partner) Adrian.

    There's a few photos of my ass in a jock in my gallery but no front photos... yet. I've been battling cancer for the past year and taking sexy photos is the furthest thing on my mind right now.

    Also - you should be careful of posting your email address in a public forum/website. There are spammers out there who have programs that crawl the internet collecting address so they can add your email to their spam lists. The forums and profile page messages (where this is) are public.

    This website has a private message system (called Conversations) so members can send each other private messages without divulging their email address. Great if you don't know someone and want to screen them first. After you get to know someone then you can then consider swapping email addresses. Just some advice!
    Thank you so much
    Getting to launch new GBGB jockstraps tomorrow.

    Funny story: We're in lock down and can't do any photo shoots at the moment. But was going through a photo shoot I did with Markus Kage last January and found a small collection of jocks from GBGB we had shot and never launched. So, we're going to be able to launch some products with our own photos for a change!

    It's so frustrating as our Premier is completely fucking up. He's keeps putting us in these partial lock downs which are not doing a thing. If you're going to do it, do it right. At this rate, we'll be in lock down until the Summer.
    It's killing me! We're in lock down so I can't do any photo shoots and have to launch Cellblock 13's new Tight End Swimmer Jocks using CB13's photos. Photos with the model's heads cut off simply don't cut it - but I have no choice. :(
    What about photos with the specimen’s head turned aside and unrecognizable?
    Hey Sir!

    They're not cutting the heads off because the models don't want to be recognized, that's just the photos they use for their catalog shots. They do lifestyle shots showing their models faces all the time but they don't normally shoot lifestyle shots of all the products in all the available colors.

    We're managing to work through it. Cellblock 13 has been providing us with more lifestyle shots lately so I'm able to mix the lifestyle and catalog shots. Our product pages for the Relay Shorts that you just bought (and look incredible in) are exactly what I describe.

    We've also had another supplier down in Colombia just offer to shoot some new products on his models to our specifications. It's still not ideal but it's better than nothing.

    The good news is our Covid numbers are going down significantly so I'm crossing my fingers (and every other part of my body) that we'll be able to shoot again in March!
    Signs of hope...
    THIS way is it the right one to chat with you in private room ?...
    No, this is public. Click the Start Conversation button on a member profile to start a conversation (aka private message)
    Happy New Year Guys!

    Just a quick update. I promoted the new Your Jockstraps in the Jockstrap Central newsletter email yesterday, we've gone from 40 member to close to 170 members overnight! From here on it, it will be mentioned in most of our email blasts so I expect Your Jockstraps to get busier and busier. More hot guys in jocks, what's not to love?

    What you can do: Be active, post photos if you're brave enough, like and comment on other guy's photos to encourage the other members and tell your friends about our new hangout.

    2021 is already looking to be better than the disaster year that shall not be named.


    The new look of your blog «» is great ! You maked a very good job! Thank you for that refresh presentation!


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    So frustrating. Toronto has been in a lockdown for a few weeks and now they're extending it. So, no new photo shoots for Jockstrap Central until it's over. This means we can't launch new products unless we use the manufacturer supplied photos - which in general suck, not to mention they don't do anything explicit.

    Don't get me wrong, I fully support our government, just frustrating.
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