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  1. Jockstrapper44

    I wanted these Jocks so badly

    When I first found out about JockstrapCentral.com I was obsessed with jockstraps in general. I remember scrolling through the website for hours making a sort of wishlist of gear I wanted. I even printed some of the pics (sorry lol, not to share!) just so I could jerk off to them later. I was...
  2. S

    king dick jockstraps

    I was browsing the JC website, when i came across the King Dick jockstraps. The ones where it says if you're a top, bottom, ect. I noticed they're specially done for JC. I have a suggestion, if I may... Have the position on the back of the waistband as well. That way, if i were to wear one to...
  3. S

    What's in your gym bag?

    Pretty self-explanatory. What's in the bag you bring with you to the gym? Im getting ready for a new gym to open in the area, so it made me wonder what y'all bring with you. For me, I have my workout clothes (t-shirt, shorts, socks). I have my gym shoes. I have my jockstrap, a cup, and a...
  4. Jockboy

    Let’s see your fav jock!

    I’d love to see everyone in their favorite jockstrap! I love the colors of this one and it’s super comfy 😍
  5. Jockstrapguy

    Video: Men wear jockstraps for a day

    This isn't a new video but it just came across my YouTube feed. I'll refrain my commenting (for now), just posting it. Thoughts?
  6. 20221129_231137.jpg


    For perverted eyes only 😘
  7. 20221129_231038.jpg


    Tried to do one similar to my nude close up shot only with the Jockstrap on
  8. Shock Doctor

    Shock Doctor

    Model 216
  9. 7ECEE02F-E994-4F8B-AEC0-E57E8960EBB3.jpeg


    Jock and Jeans
  10. rearoftheyear

    Calling all straight guys!

    Hi there guys. I was looking at one of the threads on here about what your partner's think of jockstraps and I was surprised at how many guys were talking about their wives which got me thinking . . . how many of you on here are straight? And for all those straight guys who enjoy wearing jocks...
  11. Jockstrapguy

    FuckDaddy and FuckBoy Jockstraps Sale

    Black FridaySpotlight: FuckDaddy and FuckBoy jockstraps are 20% off during our Black Friday sale on now until Sunday. Get them here: Bruto FuckBoy Jockstrap or Bruto FuckDaddy Jockstrap
  12. easlgrundle

    looking for particular water ski video featuring a jockstrap and a $20 bill

    Maybe somebody knows where to find it, I spent ages looking for this video and have given up for now, maybe it was a Vine, it was in that short style. At the lake in front of a crowd, for a party trick this guy puts a $20 bill between his jockstrapped (don't think I made that part up but I...
  13. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: Raw Studio Lucha LIbre Collection featuring Evan

    There's too many photos in the HUGE collection to post here but here's a few. Check out website for more. Raw Studio El Rey Jockstrap: Raw Studio El Guapo Ball Lifter: Raw Studio Rayo Jockstrap: (show off just how stretchy and forgiving Raw Studio's elastics are). Raw Studio Gran Chavo...
  14. Love a jock in the locker room.

    Love a jock in the locker room.

  15. Laundry Day

    Laundry Day

  16. AF0E2487-F36B-40A3-B470-D62919C2123A.jpeg


    Jock check?
  17. rearoftheyear

    Jockstrap at Pride

    So this year I went to pride and this is what I wore. Was so excited to go and although I was nervous I didn’t want to wimp out but wear something a little bit cheeky! What do you think of my outfit? Would you have noticed me? What would you have said/done? Let’s just say, my outfit got a lot...
  18. rearoftheyear

    All comments on my ass welcome!

    So I thought I would share a picture in here. I’m always told my backside is my best ASSet. Do you agree? What comment would you make about my bum?
  19. Jockstrapguy

    It's Huge! Raw Studio Lucha Libre Collection Launched

    RAW STUDIO LUCHA LIBRE COLLECTION Pay attention as this is a big one - and we're not talking about our model Evan's manhood. In this case it's Raw Studio's new Lucha LIbre Collection of jocks, socks...
  20. S

    Community Jockstrap/Gym Kit

    If your local gym offered a loaner gym kit (shirt, shorts, socks, jockstrap, and towel) to use while you work out, would you use it? All of it? Why or why not? (We can assume it is washed after each use)