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  1. D44E62AC-C73D-4854-AE15-6AE8D02CB446.jpeg


    Me fresh out of the shower
  2. Jockstrapguy

    Photo: Chance in a Nasty Pig Interlock Jockstrap

    As I mentioned, the new Nasty Pig Interlock Jocks showed up on our doorstep without warning. So, we launched them with Nasty Pig's photos. Well, I was finally able to get our model Chance in for a shoot and the photos have now been replaced. They're also on sale right now for 15% off during our...
  3. Papi


    Another week past wearing this Papi. It's quite seasoned on its way to filthy!!!
  4. Resting Jock

    Resting Jock

    Relaxing in my jockstrap
  5. Jock Bulge

    Jock Bulge

  6. 179920B7-6850-4E43-BC55-03CC0278B60C.jpeg


    Web photo
  7. 5AFE9792-C404-4FE0-82DA-7C33746F3B44.jpeg


    Web photo
  8. 754F933F-355F-42C4-9B17-3EF101694930.jpeg


    Web photo
  9. 008CA87B-9B05-47E7-B2A3-EDF8CB9EF115.jpeg


  10. From JC

    From JC

    Sneak peak
  11. From JC

    From JC

    Ball stretching
  12. From JC

    From JC

    In my Papi
  13. Jockstrapguy

    Early Access: Nasty Pig Interlock Jockstraps

    EARLY ACCESS: NASTY PIG INTERLOCK JOCKSTRAPS Early Access! These just arrived so instead of holding them back until we can get them shot on our model this weekend we've launched them with NP's photos so you can get your mitts on them now! Our (naughtier) photos will be up after the weekend...
  14. Jockstrapguy

    Exposed by Raw Studio - jocks, cock-jocks, swing pouches and more

    GET NOTICED WITH THE RAW STUDIO EXPOSED COLLECTION Our Raw Studio Exposed Collection is here and it's all about gearing up, showing off and getting the exposure you deserve from wearing it. From a jock and cock...
  15. Wet


    I was wearing this new Meyer strap when I entered the hot tub
  16. 2Q==.jpg


  17. Jockstrapguy

    Raw Studio Bulge Better Clearance Sale - 20% Off

    As you know by now, every Raw Studio creation is a limited edition. Well, our entire bulge-centric collection of Raw Studio jockstraps, strapless pouches and ball lifters are now on clearance for 20% off. This is the last chance to get this hot collection of jocks and gear all designed to make...
  18. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: Andrew in Nasty Pig Union Group Collection

    Here's a few photos of our model Andrew in the new Nasty Pig Union Group Long Johns, Union Suit, Core Jockstraps and Hook'd Up Socks we just launched. You may not notice a difference but these were shot in our new office studio. Although we're still going to shoot in our downtown studio, having...
  19. Jockstrapguy

    Nasty Pig Union Group Collection: Long Johns, Union Suit, Jock and Socks

    NASTY PIG UNION GROUP - LONG JOHNS, UNION SUIT, JOCK AND SOCKS The Nasty Pig Union Group is here: It's a collection of gear inspired by Nasty Pig's classic Union Suit all in ribbed cotton and a delicious and decidedly masculine dark heather grey. The collection consists of a Union Suit, Core...
  20. C

    Wanted: Vintage Athletic Supporters / Jockstraps

    Hi everyone! If anyone is looking to sell vintage, old school jock straps, I’m looking for a size medium/large depending (I’m traditionally a 32-34 waist). Brands such as Trufit, Adams, Duke, Riddell, Defender, Pro Force, Wilson, Bike, etc). Both classic supporters (3” waist with the lines) and...