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Show Us Your Jockstrap Contest #12 (ENDED)


Staff member
This contest is now over

For the winners and an explanation, check out my post in the News and Announcement Forum here:


No more entries will be accepted. Voting has now started. "Like" the photos to case your vote.

Our Show Us Your Jockstrap Contest #12 has started! Enter for a chance to win one of five $50 gift certificates to use at Jockstrap Central.

The theme for this photo contest is: Monochrome (i.e. black and white)

This time around we're looking for black and white, monochrome photos. Theme is open to interpretation. Make them artistic, suggestive, explicit, dirty, moody and creative - as long as there is a jockstrap in the photo and the photo is monochrome (black and white) it's good.

Winners: This time around there will be 5 winners but chosen a bit differently. Here's the breakdown

1st and 2nd winners will be the top voted entries.
3rd and 4th will be randomly chosen
5th will be chosen by Adrian and myself - based on the adherence to the theme and one that we feel is creative and artistic.

Here are the contest rules and contest details.

We want you to post a selfie of you with a jockstrap - that keeps with the theme of Monchrome (open to interpretation).

Members submit ONE photo only based on the above theme between now and February 7th, 2024. After February 7th, no more entries will be accepted.
Voting won't start until February 8th and will go on for two weeks, ending on February 28th at midnight. The votes will then be tallied and on February 29th, the members who posted the top two highest voted for photos will win a $50 gift certificate to use at Jockstrap Central. Two more winners will be randomly chosen to also win $50 gift certificates. A final winner will be chosen by us based on it's adherence to the them and it's creativity.

Here are the rules in point form:

  • You can only enter one photo so make sure it's your best.
  • Your photo has to be a selfie of you in or with a jockstrap with the theme of Monochrome. Themes are always open to interpretation.
  • The photo can be as explicit as you like.
  • You have to be a registered member of Your Jockstraps to enter (and to vote).
  • To enter a photo into the contest, scroll down and use the Reply box below to post your photo in a reply to this forum thread. Use the Attach file button to choose one photo from your device. Once it's uploaded click the Post Reply button and that's it - you're entered.
  • When you upload your photo to your post, I recommend you upload the Full image instead of just the Thumbnail.
  • The photo you enter HAS to be of you or at least have you in it. I.E. a selfie.
  • The garment you're wearing or at least in the photo HAS to be a jockstrap.
  • In the case of a tie, the top voted winners will be randomly chosen from the top voted entries.
  • All photos have to be entered by February 7th at midnight. Any photos entered after that will be removed.
  • Voting starts on February 8th and ends on February 28th.
  • Winners will be announced on February 29th.
  • To vote (when voting is opened up on February 8th), simply like the post with the photo you like. A tally of the votes will appear at the top of the contest thread.
  • You can vote for as many entries as you like.
As proven by past contests: Creative photos normally get more votes. Naughty photos also tend to get more votes. Early entries tend to have an advantage in the voted for entries but two winners are randomly chosen giving everyone a fair chance.

Good Luck!
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Please don't post here unless it's an entry to the contest. We want to keep this forum focused on the contest entries.