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More enjoyable physical education activities


Jockstrap Fan
Physical education classes were more enjoyable for both the students and teachers alike when the class size allowed something other than just calisthenics and running laps. I don't recall seeing crab soccer but the view of the boy third from the right shows why a formal "jock check" wasn't always necessary.
Pyramids were a very common activity but one which probably fell victim to coed classes and potential injury concerns. Anyone remember either of these activities in your PE classes?

crab soccer.jpg


  • unnamed.png
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Jockstrap Fan
CRAB SOCCER in HS was least popular PE activity. BUT, did offer good visuals--I could have been that be-spectacled freshman boy (until Coach said I should choose a PE tennis option & picked me for swim team). Coach also supervised body shaving sessions--THAT was enjoyable PE acitivity...