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Besides the US, have other country's military provided jockstraps?


Jockstrap Fan
I would say no. In my military career and after retiring in my time as a private military contractor, I interacted with quite a few foreign militaries. I never saw or heard them speak of a jock.

Most guys in the field never wore underwear and a jock would cause possible hygiene problems if you couldn’t bathe regularly.

As a contractor in Iraq I always wore a jock. We had access to regular showers and laundry though.

l did a contract in Afghanistan in the winter months. It was cold so I wore regular briefs then.

The majority of my teammates thought I was odd to wear a jock. But I never gave a fuck about that.


Jockstrap Fan
Sometime in the past I came across this photo of what was called a "Soviet army suspensory."


  • Soviet Army Suspensory 07 19 2018d.jpg
    Soviet Army Suspensory 07 19 2018d.jpg
    224.9 KB · Views: 175


Jockstrap Fan
My bf was an officer in the US Navy and says they weren’t issued jocks. He said they sometimes wore them in training when they were doing something for which they needed to wear a cup, but that was it.
Yes, I was in the Navy as well, 2001-2014. It is a common misconception (or fantasy) that the military issues jockstraps. Perhaps in the past, but I’ve not heard of any branch issuing jockstraps in the modern, post-Vietnam era.


Jockstrap Fan
My son was issued one at MCRD Parris Island in 2017 and I was issued one as well at Parris Island in 1982. I would consider my 25 years active duty as modern post Viet Nam.
Oh yes - Parris Island. I've visited Hilton Head and gone to Beaufort several times. Lots of eye candy everywhere in Beaufort. Also it's where The Great Santini was filmed.


Jockstrap Fan
Did other countries follow what America did?
Royal Navy no. Royal Marines no, and I’d take an odds on bet that the British Army and the RAF are no as well.
I suppose it’s because the UK don’t have a tradition of insisting on jockstraps in school. The only thing that was advised was a protective cup for cricket. When a hard leather covered cork ball of around 9” diameter and weighing around 5.5 ounces bounces up from the ground travelling at about 80 mph and hits you anywhere on the body, let alone your groin, it hurts!