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    Hi, how are you?
    Do you have jockstraps or thong underwear pictures?
    My wife accepted that her man (me) wore jocks. (only jocks) She hadn't heard of men only wearing jocks, but it didn't matter. I had the balls in the family. There was nothing to explain. And I made her very happy sexually. I had her tailor jocks sometime so that they gave me more lift.

    We always snuggled close when we slept, body-to-body. Occasionally I wore a jock to bed. It felt good to keep my balls forward and not have them get stuck back between my legs. Also, when we snuggled my cock and balls were held forward, my cock always in the boner position, so everything pressed against her and I loved it. It was a win/win for me.

    At first she didn't like it because she felt like the jock was a barrier between her and me. She didn't want anything interfering with our skin to skin. When she grabbed my stuff for good dreams, she didn't want a barrier. But when I explained that I liked my cock in the up position, always pressing against her, and not dangling down, she understood.

    No, I hadn't thought of incorporating jocks with sex. However, sometimes I wore a snug suspensory jock that pulled my nuts up and forward, so they bumped into her when we were screwing. It added some tension that felt great!


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    Happy Birthday!
    Loved your comment, ‘I guess you’re overthinking this one’….perfection! Thx
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