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  1. Wicked Wednesday underwear

    Wicked Wednesday underwear

  2. Which side of the moon…light or dark?

    Which side of the moon…light or dark?

    Wicked Wednesday
  3. TxCowboy

    Immediately thought of you guys when I saw this headline.

    Patrick Mahomes says he's worn the same pair of underwear to every single NFL game he's played in and "can't wash them" when he's "on a hot streak". All I could think about is how many guys would love to get a hold of that pair of boxer briefs (which I know he wears because he used to live here...
  4. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: Tobias in Cellblock 13 Brigade Union Suit

    It was perfect timing! Our German model Tobias was in town at the same time Cellblock 13 came out with their new Brigade Snap Union Suits. We already had the black, red and grey versions shot last year on our model Windom Gold but the new navy-blue union suit still had to be shot. So, we threw...
  5. kuggets

    Prison undies from my friend

    So he’s my best friend and he just violated his probation. Court hearings, Gagnon if you’ve lived the experience, and poor soul has been in since Aug. I’m putting cash on his books and making sure he has anything he needs to get through this stint. The underwear are very affordable and I guess...
  6. UncutCockring.jpeg~2.jpg


    Love my rings and how they make me feel
  7. Jockstrapguy

    Just arrived: Sheer Cargo Pouch with Cock ring

    GBGB SHEER CARGO POUCH - FEATURING OUR MODEL CHANCE When designing this pouch, GBGB had one thing in mind: your cargo. Not only do they cradle it with a super-soft sheer fabric pouch but...
  8. Jockstrapguy

    New! Backdoor Jock Briefs by Good Boy Gone Bad

    JUST ARRIVED: GBGB BACKDOOR JOCK BRIEFS Although GBGB calls this the Colton Jock Brief, we're calling it the GBGB Backdoor Jock Brief for obvious reasons...
  9. Cocky Cdn - Jockstrap Over My Clothes - Pic 3

    Cocky Cdn - Jockstrap Over My Clothes - Pic 3

    Wearing My Cup Jockstrap Over My Orange Boxer Briefs
  10. J

    bunch of jockstraps for sale

    I need to sell these as one GROUP I don't have the option to go to the post office daily and other sites all I seem to get are men interested in jockstraps wanting a playmate or penispal. I will have to take a count and let you know what I have. If you are...
  11. ProtectYaBoys

    Anyone successful replacing undies with jocks/wearing jocks daily?

    Hi Guys, Was wondering if anyone has been successful in replacing their underwear (briefs, boxers, etc) with jocks permanently/for a long period of time? I've done it for a day here or there, but somehow always lose interest. Wondering if anyone's run into this and how they "got over the...
  12. Jockstrapguy

    New Raw Studio Bandito Collection - jockstraps, ball lifters and cock rings

    RAW STUDIO BANDITO COLLECTION - JOCK, BALL LIFTERS AND COCKRINGS. Just in time for Cinco de Mayo (it launched on our website yesterday), Bandito, the new Mexican inspired collection of jocks...
  13. ChiJock268

    Selling Used Jockstraps

    Hello there. Selling some jockstraps all size small. Thanks guys
  14. image3.jpeg


    black briefs
  15. image2.jpeg


    Tighty whities 3
  16. image1.jpeg


    Tighty whities 2
  17. Jockstrapguy

    PUMP! DRIP Jockstrap Collection launched!

    PUMP! DRIP COLLECTION - JOCKS, JOCK BRIEFS AND BACKLESS TRUNKS Look good and feel good about looking good - with PUMP!'s latest collection of environmentally conscious jocks...
  18. A

    What would you say?

    What would you say to someone who noticed you were wearing a jock and said something about it?
  19. Jockstrapguy

    Never Have You Ever... Stolen someone's jockstrap or underwear

    Never Have I Ever... Stolen someone's jockstrap or underwear Reply to this thread and answer the question HONESTLY with yes or no. Feel free to elaborate on the experience. * This is a new idea to have some fun and encourage interaction. Hopefully it works. Feel free to pose another Never...
  20. Jockstrapguy

    Get a Free JC Athletic Old School Jockstrap at Jockstrap Central

    GET A FREE JC ATHLETIC OLD SCHOOL JOCKSTRAP Until Friday, October 8th, when you shop at Jockstrap Central and your order's product total is $40 (USD) or more, we'll throw in a free JC Athletic Old...