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  1. Teal Jockey Back.jpg

    Teal Jockey Back.jpg

    and the back
  2. Teal Jockey Front.jpg

    Teal Jockey Front.jpg

    from the front
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    Valentine’s Day…
  4. jocknextdoor

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all the older men on this site who share an interest in the surprises behind a well worn jockstrap, and appreciate the view of a jock framed ass. As I jack off today to the images you have shared, a quick Valentine’s Day thought for you… Picture that you are looking...
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  7. jocknextdoor

    In the morning

    After I wake and jump into the shower, i find myself with a choice…. bikini’s, thong, or jock? Bikini’s just for fun, a thong if I want to feel the strap up the middle all day long, or a jockstrap if I anticipate the opportunity to meet someone later that day. To me a jockstrap is an...
  8. jocknextdoor

    Before the Internet

    Remember a time before the internet? Bookstores were our source of knowledge I would visit bookstores to search for images and stories that were too taboo for the public library. Often the "pornography" was found in a back corner of the bookstore, the magazines wrapped in plastic and Playgirl...
  9. jocknextdoor

    Encounter when shopping

    I accept it, I have an underwear fetish. I have spent quite a bit of time in the past walking retail stores looking for their underwear sections, and in particular looking for something fun and revealing. Back when they were still in business, Gordman's was a good option for an underwear...
  10. jocknextdoor

    jockstrap - an invitation to play

    this morning i was remembering... it was 4 or 5 years back, a friday afternoon at a clothing optional male only resort in the ozarks. i was sitting at the edge of the pool wearing my white jock b/c sometimes more is less and i have always viewed a jockstrap as an invitation to play. to be...
  11. jocknextdoor

    Celebrate Pride

    As a bisexual make i stand in solidarity with those in the LGBTQ community who sought, and continue to seek, acceptance and dignity. We all have our individual interests and fetishes, but members of this community share a specific desire for strapped men. So join me in celebrating Pride month...
  12. jocknextdoor

    Doctor, Doctor

    i think i have written this before - but i have a doctor examination fetish i want to be examined and then fucked by the doctor the first part will happen, the second part i dream about my yearly physical is next week, so once again the anticipation has begun to build and i have to decide which...
  13. jocknextdoor

    Jockstrap with a Cup

    a jockstrap with a cup is my fetish gear of choice as i have noted before, when i wear a jock it's a choice based on (1) look (i really like how the straps frame an ass), (2) function (a wide waist band securing a pouch that lifts the twig and berries...) and (3) an invitation (to the men who...
  14. jocknextdoor

    Valentine's Day

    happy valentine's day gentlemen...
  15. jocknextdoor

    Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays to each of you who appreciate (ok, lust for) men in jockstraps The profile of a well filled pouch and the straps that hint of a framed bare ass Happy Holidays men, and may there be many more
  16. jocknextdoor

    it's an invitation...

    if you are an adult male over the age of 21 and you find your way to a public bathroom in a discrete location and you see me standing in front of the urinal with my pants lowered, lower than usual with my jockstrap clearly exposed it's an invitation... put your hand on my shoulder and i will...
  17. jocknextdoor

    afternoon fun

    just another adult male seeking anonymous sex with other adult makes... details to follow today i am wearing a jock. to clarify, i am wearing a classic white wide waistband jockstrap under my jeans. I am more than happy to show you, if you are the one who shows up at the agreed upon time and...
  18. jocknextdoor

    august is jockstraps

    it's almost august. and to me, august is jockstraps. and sweat and testosterone, and open showers. august is traditionally when american football practice begins. i was not an exceptional athlete, but i was on the team and i practiced with everyone else. in early august before two-a-day...
  19. jocknextdoor

    Exercise Bike

    tried something new last night.... 'spinning' in only a jockstrap. besides just looking fun, the jock held the pieces in place and the open back allowed direct pressure from the small bike seat. i think i have found my new workout attire.
  20. shock hand.jpg

    shock hand.jpg

    shock doctor