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How to Use This Website

Help on how to use the various features of this website. This is by no means complete but will try to update it regularly.

Set up Your Profile

Be sure to spend some time setting up your profile page as this is your home at Jockstrap Central. It's the place where other guys can check you out and find out what you're into. Make it your own by decorating it with a profile pic and a header image to really personalize it.

There are many ways to access your profile but the easiest way is to click your name in the main menu bar at the top of any page (or your avatar or profile photo if your viewing the site on a mobile phone), then when your info popup appears, click on your username and that will take you to your profile page.

You can do a few things directly from your profile page but to modify some parts, you'll need to do it through your Preferences Page.

From your Profile Page you can:

Upload your avatar (aka profile photo): This is your photo that will appear not only on the profile page but also by the side of your forum posts and gallery comments. To add it, you can do it three different ways:
1. Go to your profile and click the big circle with your username initial on it and you'll be prompted to choose a photo from your computer or device.
2. Go to your Account Details page and you can upload or change your avatar (profile photo) there.
3. Finally, you can use an existing photo you've posted in the Gallery to use as your avatar. Just go to the photo and click the ... menu and you'll see an option to use the photo as your avatar.

Upload a profile banner: You can personalize your profile by adding a profile banner (or header image). This is generally a long and narrow image although you can upload any image and the system will allow you to place it with the banner window. You can add this right on your Profile Page or your Account Details page.

Profile Status: This is the first tab (and default landing page) of your profile. Here you can update your status or tell people what's on their mind. You can upload photos here to perhaps let guys know what you're wearing today, etc... Other members can also post a message here if they have a (public) question for you, want to comment on your profile or whatever else. Think of this as a personal diary.

Lasted Activity/Postings: These tabs will keep track of your activity like forums posts, comments, albums you've created and photos you've posted to the Galleries. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the difference between the two are but I saw somewhere that Postings are posts and only things that are searchable. Latest Activity includes much more.

By default, other guys can also see this unless you've changed the privacy settings and switched the View your details on your profile page under your account Preferences Page.

Gallery: This is all the photos you've posted to Gallery section.

Albums: This is all the albums you've created.

About: This is where you or others will find your introduction message and any other information you've chosen to share (ie. Instagram page, Twitter feed, Location, Date of Birth, etc..) Most of this can be set in your account Preferences Page.

From your Preferences Page you can add or modify:

Your Signature: This is not only your signature that appears at the bottom of every post or message you write but it also appears in the About section of your profile. You can write your name, include a quote or anything you want plus you can decorate with bold text or add colors.

Account Details: Many of the things you fill out in your Account Details end up on you Profile Page under the About tab.

The most important thing is to enter something in the About You section. This appears on your profile and is a message to introduce yourself.

You also can change you Location (more on that below) plus optionally include a website with link if you have one, edit your Favorite Styles of gear, edit your favorite brands, edit your sexual orientation, occupation, favorite movies, favorite music, edit the What Do You Love about Underwear question.

Identities: This is simply a fancy word for your other Social Media accounts. If you have Twitter, Instagram, Skype or Facebook accounts, you can include your usernames here so guys can click on over to your other Social Media.

Location: You will have filled this out upon registration but you can change it (maybe you've moved). To fill it out, start typing your city and Google Maps will help locate you so locations have a consistent format (to help with the Member Search).

I know some guys don't want their location showing, so the work-around for that is to choose either some place close-by or even another country.


So, spend a little time to fuss with your Profile Page and really make it yours!

How to Set Your Preferences

You can control a lot of things from setting your account details, changing your password, setting your privacy options and more in your Preferences Page.

To get to your Preferences webpage, simply click your username in the top menu at the right hand side. This will open up your account info panel. Click the "preferences" link in that panel to be taken to your Preferences page.

Often there are multiple places to change certain settings.

Here's just some of the things you can set.

Account Details: Here, you can change your username (with restrictions), change your email address, set your email preferences (choose if or what you want to be emailed about), change your avatar and header image (this is easier to change on your actual profile page) and change your introduction message for your profile. You can also add your Twitter, Instagram, Skype and Facebook handles if you wish.

Password and Security: Here, you can change your password. There's also an option to sign up for two-step verification where the system can send a verification code to your phone or email to verify who you are and add extra protection to your account. To be honest, I tested it out and it was a pain the ass but if you are really concerned about someone else accessing your Your Jockstraps account, then by all means set it up. It does work. If you want a verification code sent to your phone, you have to install the Authy (or similar) app on your phone.

Privacy: Here, you can set your privacy options. They are automatically set to the default settings but you can choose to change things like: whether you'd like to receive a notification email when receive a private message or someone replies to a post or photo you've shared. You can also change who gets to see your profile, photos, albums, news feed, etc... Just remember, changing these settings can affect your visibility and curb your ability to make new friends or gain fans.

Preferences: Here's you can change many of your site preferences, mostly regarding system notifications. Just keep in mind, turning of notifications for various settings can reduce your experience and you may miss other members interacting with you.

Signature: Create a signature that will appear at the bottom of your forum post and photo comments.

Following: This is a list of the members you're following (friends).

Ignoring: This is a list of the members you're ignoring (for example, if someone is harassing you). There's an ignore button on each member's profile page.

Conversations aka Private Messaging

Conversations are simply a safe way to communicate with other members. Many guys don't want to give out their email addresses so the Conversations system allows you send messages to one or more other members within the USG system.

With Conversations, you can:
  • Send a direct message to one other member. To do so, type their username into the Recipients box. These messages are private between you and the other member.
  • Start a conversations with a few members. To do so, type their usernames into the Recipients box. These are semi private as all the members you choose will see the conversation.
  • You can allow the other people you've invited into your conversation to invite other members into the Conversation by selecting the box below the message screen. At this point, they are not private.
As with posts and comments, you can attach photos, embed videos and all sorts of other stuff in your Conversations.

To find your previous Conversations with other member, you can either click the little envelop icon from the main top menu to view your recent conversations or for all your previous conversations, go here: https://yourjockstraps.com/index.php?conversations/

What's the What's New Area All About?

Click on the What's New menu item to find out everything happening on Your Jockstraps.

The What's New section can be found by clicking the What's New link in the main upper menu of any USG page (or flyout menu on a mobile phone). From there, you can choose the following tabs to show you the latest activity on USG. Here's a description of each section:

What's New (default): This is an list of new forum posts and new profile posts from everyone, organized by category.

New Posts: This a list of unread forum posts by everyone. Click the "Show Only: Unread" button to remove the restriction to see all posts.

New Media: This is a list of unviewed photos and albums from everyone. Click the "Show Only: Unviewed" button to view all recent photos and albums

New Media Comments: This a list of unread media (photos and albums) comments by everyone. Click the "Show Only: Unread" button to view all recent photo and album comments.

New Profile Posts: This is a list of all unread Profile posts (think of them as status updates). Click the "Show Only: Unread" button to view all recent profile posts.

Your News Feed: This is a list of recent activity from the members you follow. To follow someone, just visit their Profile Page and click the follow button.

Latest Activity: This is a unorganized list of all the recent activity (forum posts, albums, gallery photos and more).

How to Embed Videos into Posts and Elsewhere

When you create a forum post or even a comment on a photo, you can embed a video from certain video sharing websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Xtube, Pornhub and a number other services.

To do so, in most cases, click the embed or link button on the video you want to share. Otherwise, just copy the url or link to the video from the address bar. Then click the Media icon in the post edit menu (see diagram) and click the copied link into the box and click Continue. A list of the sites you can embed videos from is listed.



  • embed-video.jpg
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Liking, Reacting, and Rating Photos and Posts

It takes a lot of courage to post photos of yourself on a public website. So, let's give everyone a little encouragement by commenting, reacting and rating their photos.

You can comment, like/react or rate each photo. When you click on a photo you like, in most cases you will go to the photo viewer where the individual photo will appear on a dark background.

To comment, react to or rate and image on a desktop or wide tablet:

You don't have to leave the photo viewer. On the right hand side you'll see a box to leave a comment, a Like button to leave a reaction and a Add Rating button to give the photo a star rating.

When you hover over the Like button, you'll have the ability to choose: Like, Love, Laugh, Wow, Boner, Blow Job, or Blow My Load.

You can also give the photo a rating but to do so, you have to click the New Window icon in the upper right to open the photo in a new window. There you can still comment and leave a reaction but you can now leave a star rating.

See diagram below on for more details on the Photo Viewer and where to find things.

To comment or react on a mobile phone:

You'll have to open the photo in a New Window by clicking the New Window Icon in the upper right of the window (see diagram).



  • react-to-photo.png
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Bookmark the Photos You Like

There are hundreds (and soon to be thousands) of photos being posted so how do you keep track of your favorites?

The answer is... Bookmarks!

As you browse through photos in the Gallery and come across a photo you think worthy of visiting again, simply Bookmark it. You can also give it a Label or two and when it comes time to view your bookmarks, you can display them based on the label you've given them.

Labels are just like tags. You describe the photo(s) with a word or a series of words. For example, if you like a photo of another member in a blue Bike Jockstrap with a huge bulge and tattoos on his body. You could label the photo with "Bike, bulge and tattoo". Then when you view your bookmarks, enter in the label "tattoo" and you'll see all photos you've labeled with "tattoo".

Here's how you add a Bookmark:

When viewing any photo, in the right column you'll see a Bookmark icon (see diagram, bookmark icon is highlighted in yellow). Then you can add a description of the photo (completely optional and no one else will see it) and then add a label or two (as described above). Then just click the Save button and you're done boookmarking the photo.


Here's how you view your bookmarks:

On a desktop or tablet, click on your username in the upper right of any page and you'll see a Bookmarks tab. On a mobile phone you won't see your username but only a small version of your profile photo, so click on that. Then, click on the Bookmarks tab. (See diagram below, highlighted in yellow).

From there, you'll automatically see your latest bookmarks. You can click the Show All link to view all your bookmarks or you can enter a label in the Label box (i.e. Bike) and you'll see all the photos you've bookmarked with the label you entered.

You can also view your Bookmarks from your Preferences webpage here:



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Two-step Authentication

If you're super paranoid about your account then you can choose Two-step Authentication. This simply means that when you log into USG using a different device, you will have to not only log in using your username and password but also take a second step to prove it's you.

I tried it out for my account and to be honest, it was a bit of a pain in the ass and I eventually removed it. However, if you're super paranoid about

You can set it up in your Preferences page under the Password and Security tab.

The two options are:
  1. Via an App on your phone
  2. Via email.
If you choose the App option, you must download an Authentication App like Authy. It's free. Essentially, you set it up then the Authy app will give you time sensitive codes you can enter on the website when you log in.

I haven't tried the Via email option but I'm sure it's pretty straight forward where after you sign in with your username and password, the system will send you an email with a link to verify it's you.

This site is using SSL security and there's not much personal information stored that would be of interest to hackers but if you are the type who are super paranoid then use the Two-step Authentication system.