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About Your Jockstraps

About Your Jockstraps and what this website is

What is Your Jockstraps?

Your Jockstraps is a community for guys who have a passion/fetish for jockstraps.

It's a safe-haven for guys to explore their fetish through discussion forums where they can talk about jockstraps and athletic supporters (and other similar styles) plus galleries where they can post photos of themselves in their jockstraps. It's also a series of forums where we can all talk and discuss that one thing we all have in common - the jockstrap.

Your Jockstraps is a place of encouragement and support (pun intended). It takes a lot of courage to post photos of yourself and we will NOT tolerate insulting and derogatory comments or posts. The community has many members with a variety of tastes - if a style of jock, body shape, age, ethnicity or anything else is not to your liking, then simply move on.

Enjoying Your Jockstraps? Support Us!

Your Jockstraps is a 100% free website brought to you by online store Jockstrap Central.

Your Jockstraps is a companion site to our online store that has been jockstrapping and gearing up guys since 2005.

A lot of guys have been asking how they can support this awesome community of jockstrap fanatics. The answer is quite simple:

You can support Your Jockstraps by shopping at Jockstrap Central when ever your can. It's a win-win situation - by doing so you not only support this website but you get some new jockstraps and gear (to hopefully show off to all the guys here.