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What kind of underwear do you wear?


Jockstrap Fan


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Jockstrap Fan
I prefer boxer briefs with a button fly. They are hard to find though. I used to like the Calvin Klein boxer briefs I bought 15 years ago but the elastic is starting to go on them - I guess they can’t last forever.
I think you should like jock boy...as you look amazing in them


Jon Santos


Jockstrap Fan
You should. They are very comfortable, can look sharp, attract compliments, makes it easy/simple to pee. Modern, non-traditional kilts are easy-on, easy-care fabric, available in a wide variety of non-tartan colors as well.
Years ago I ran into a gym acquaintance at the checkout in a supermarket. He was wearing a plain kilt. When I asked him what he wearing underneath, he answered "sandals"!