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The Show Us Your Jockstrap Contest #13 Winners are....


Staff member
First, I want to apologize for the delay in announcing the winners. I ended up out of town and then stayed an extra day.

The contest is now over and the winners have been contacted through the Conversation (private message) system and they've been given their prizes ($50 gift certificates to use at Jockstrap Central: www.jockstrapcentral.com )

Before I mention the winners, here's how they were decided (it was all in the contest rules).

First and Second Winners: These were the top entries as voted by our members.
Third and Fourth Winners: These were both chosen randomly using a random number generator
Fifth Winner: This winner was chosen by myself and Adrian (Jockstrap Central) based on it's creativity, artistic quality, balance, composition, and of course sexiness. Honestly, you guys didn't make it easy for us.

So... here's are the winners:

First: @Brandniron
Second: @HardJocked
Third: @Old Bike Jock
Fourth: @JDVic
Fifth: @easlgrundle

Thanks again guys! Keep your jocks and cameras on the ready, our next contest will be starting before you know it.



Here's the photo from @easlgrundle we chose for the Fifth prize based on the factors mentioned above:



Staff member
Where is the link to the contestants so we can see which bros won other than by name?

If you just want to see the profiles of the members that won then their names are linked in the original post above.

To see the contest and the voting results, head to the contest forum thread and you can see thumbnails of all the photos with the number of votes they received marked in a green at the bottom left of each photos. Here's a link to the contest forum thread:

The system doesn't allow me to add a link that goes to the actual forum post with a winning entry but here's a list of the members and their photos. Their names are links to each members profiles:

First: @Brandniron


Second: @HardJocked


Third: @Old Bike Jock

personal pics 749.jpg

Fourth: @JDVic


Fifth: @easlgrundle



Jockstrap Fan
Last week I bought jockstraps this website and two days ago it arrived here


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