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Jockstrap Fan
I'm in. Got some good swimmer style jocks - M - plenty of nut juice in them. Also black pouch Bike jocks - wiht dried cum stiff in the pouch. WOrked out in them - yoga in them - all of my man scent and cum
I have medium JC coming in. Ordered yesterday so it’s going to take a week or two to get my scent in them good. In the US and would like to swap. I’ll post again when they are ready.
I like to swap too.


Jockstrap Fan
just ordered a swimmer GYM jock. new pouch is apparently shorter - holds my cock tigher I guess and a good place for my nut. gyms will open soon - so I will nut in it and work out in it. tell me more about your nut


Jockstrap Fan
I have a really thick, creamy load. As soon as my JCA arrive I’ll start working out in them, then load them up with several loads for swap. Couple weeks guys, then I’ll have something with my man scent and cream to trade.

Deleted member 360

It’s hot for sure. Last year when I could actually go to a gym a guy was changing opposite me and took off his shorts to reveal a nice jock. He took those off and left them on the floor when he went to the shower. They were under the bench and when he came back he dressed quick and didn’t notice he hadn’t pack them so what did he leave for me ????? Mmmm
I'd like to bump into you in a locker room!