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I need more of this in my life!!!


underwear / fundoshi / jockstraps / loincloths
Here’s the 27-minute version of a fantastic jockstrap massage session. Though the video doesn’t embed here, it’s so worth watching!

Some screenshots to wet your, um, appetite…

…link to full video: httpsw://gay0day.com/videos/152767/mr-houser-his-lad-cole-tape-1-stud-massage/

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Staff member

Just added code so you can now embed videos from Gay0Day. Just copy the url from the address bar and the video should be automatically embedded. Like this:



Jockstrap Fan
OMG—that video was fucking hot. It really shows how erotic jockstraps can be. Had to beat off this morning and unload all over my abs watching these two studs enjoy each other