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Baseball Coach


Jockstrap Fan
My friend Tommy was a super athlete when we were kids. He played every sport, but baseball was his thing. His dad was hyper masculine and always coached Tommy's team. One year I was lucky enough to get on the same team and Tommy and be coached by his dad. After the last game of the season Tommy had a sleepover party for the team. There were only about 5 12 yo boys at the party. We went out for pizza after the game, and then went back to Tom's to watch TV. We all changed into our PJs in Tom's room together and then settled in to watch a movie in their den. I noticed that his dad was still in his baseball pants, socks, and a wife beater shirt. He looked hot with tufts of dark hair sticking out of his shirt and his arms were pretty big. He worked construction. He was also drinking beers...all through dinner and had a few during the movie. Around 11 his mom went up to bed and his dad said he was going to sleep in tom's room, which wasn't far from the den, just in case one of us needed something. He said good night and went to his room. A few minutes later he comes crawling out of the bedroom with a sheet over him pretending to be a ghost. We all screamed and tackled him. It turned into a big wrestling match us against him. When he rolled over and the sheet came off he was wearing only his jock and a wife beater. His bulge was super hot and the white pouch was surrounded by his dark hair. We all smacked his bare ass a few times. Tom even tugged at the leg straps. It only lasted a few minutes and then he stood up, said good night, and went to bed. I am guessing he beat off in his jock that night.


Jockstrap Fan
A college friend had a meltdown when he found out that his dad, who helped coach his soccer team in HS came out and then told M that he had had sex with nearly every guy in the team.

M was so afraid of being outted as gay in HS that he never did anything with any guy at school.

I think he was more jealous of his dad than anything else.


Jockstrap Fan
That was a different time. Today I’m sure his dad would be in jail. As for my friend, I think he was more pissed that he had buried his own desires and never horses around with any of those dudes in HS