new jockstrap

  1. Cupjock

    Looking for new cotton Jockstraps

    Hey men - I'm looking to get a new cotton (or highest cotton content) strap. Sports Jocks (no fshion Jocks) I would like to buy from jockstrap Central to support this site. I'm thinking WOLF brand. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    Ample mesh pouch
  3. Oldschoolbiketen

    Nike Dry-fit performance jockstrap

    I have to make some comments about the Nike Dri-fit jockstraps. I have to say that they are now my hands down absolute favorite for all situations! I work in an active warehouse setting where I'm on my feet, walking all day so at my age (effects from gravity are brutal on the testicles) makes...
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    Me & Ellie in my JJ Sox
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  7. Gideon

    Help picking a new strap

    I want to get another jockstrap. I’m looking at three, but am open to suggestions. Y’all can see my build in the gallery. I have a 32 waist and have an average package, maybe a touch more. I’m looking at these: Meyer Original Bike Performance Swimmer (Scarlet) Nasty Pig Core jockstrap (Beetle...