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  1. Jockstrapguy

    Knock-off Jockstraps?

    Just wondering how everyone feels about fake jockstraps? I was booting around social media today and saw three separate posts featuring guys in fake PUMP! jocks. I've also seen plenty of fake Jack Adams and Cellblock 13. I even reported some fake CB13 jocks on AliExpress a while back to our...
  2. palmtreebum

    Designer straps

    I just saw we got a fresh shipment at Bloomingdale's! There's Versace, Tom Ford, Emporio Armani and more! Lemme know if you'd like any!
  3. Push Up Push In

    Push Up Push In

  4. Jockstrapguy

    PUMP! DRIP Jockstrap Collection launched!

    PUMP! DRIP COLLECTION - JOCKS, JOCK BRIEFS AND BACKLESS TRUNKS Look good and feel good about looking good - with PUMP!'s latest collection of environmentally conscious jocks...
  5. Jockstrapguy

    It's Huge! Raw Studio Lucha Libre Collection Launched

    RAW STUDIO LUCHA LIBRE COLLECTION Pay attention as this is a big one - and we're not talking about our model Evan's manhood. In this case it's Raw Studio's new Lucha LIbre Collection of jocks, socks...
  6. Pre cum on a ripe Jock Mail

    Pre cum on a ripe Jock Mail

  7. Thomas_C

    Fashion jockstraps discoveries

  8. IMG_0224.JPG


    Blue fashion Jockstrap
  9. Jockstrapguy

    King Dick Top Bottom and Versatile Jockstraps in New Colors

    KING DICK TOP BOTTOM VERSATILE SPORTS JOCKSTRAPS - NEW COLORS! In case you're just tuning in... King Dick is a project by Australian designer Project Claude creating fun, cocky and dick-centric jockstraps and underwear. We launched the line back in 2019 to rave reviews. Although all the designs...
  10. Jockstrapguy

    Andrew in GX3 Denim X Jockstraps

    Just launched a new collection of fashion jocks from Japanese designer GX3 featuring a streamlined pouch made up of a combination of denim-like fabric and solid fabric. Despite looking like denim they fabric is ultra-soft. My favorite is the one with a see-through mesh vertical stripe that...