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cellblock 13

  1. Jockstrapguy

    Back to School Sale - up to 70% off hundreds of jocks and gear!

    BACK TO SCHOOL SALE - UP TO 70% OFF HUNDREDS OF JOCKS AND GEAR Get the jump on this sale - it's not being announced to our newsletter email list until tomorrow but it's live now. Be the best dressed...
  2. IMG_0713.jpeg


    New swimmer jock
  3. IMG_0714.jpeg


    Cock and jock
  4. IMG_0715.jpeg


    Jocks and rings
  5. Jockstrapguy

    New Cellblock 13 Maverick Zipper Shorts - full featured exposing street wear

    CELLBLOCK 13 MAVERICK ZIPPER SHORTS ARE HERE Cellblock 13 is back at Jockstrap Central, this time with an awesome and ruggedly handsome pair of stretch shorts called Maverick. A short that's loaded with...
  6. IMG_0511.jpeg


    Cellblock we taken in hand
  7. IMG_7225.jpeg


    Cellblock 13 peek
  8. IMG_7224.jpeg


    Cellblock 13 bulge
  9. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: Kyle in Cellblock 13 Challenger Jocks, Mesh Shorts, Singlets and Socks

    The Cellblock 13 Challenger launch was HUGE and there are a ton of photos and can't post them all here but will post some of my favorites. For the complete collection of photos of our new model Kyle in the new CB13 gear, just head over to Jockstrap Central. As for Kyle, he's proving to be one...
  10. Jockstrapguy

    Cellblock 13 Challenger Zipper Wrestling Singlets

    CELLBLOCK 13 CHALLENGER ZIPPER WRESTLING SINGLET Just arrived at Jockstrap Central! Get ready for your next mosh pit, wrestling match or some hot fetish play with Cellblock 13's latest all-access...
  11. Jockstrapguy

    Cellblock 13 Challenger Mesh Shorts (with removable pouch)

    CELLBLOCK 13 CHALLENGER MESH SHORTS with SNAP-OFF POUCH It's a heatwave out there but you'll be ready for it with Cellblock 13's latest all mesh short short which is exposing as is but even more so when you unsnap the inner pouch to give your boys an airing out (and everyone else, a show...
  12. Jockstrapguy

    Cellblock 13 Challenger Jocks + New model Kyle

    CELLBLOCK 13 CHALLENGER JOCKSTRAPS Our latest jockstrap from Cellblock 13 is a dream, and a very vivid sexy one at that. It's slick and extremely comfortable in the front and hot as fuck in the back -...
  13. IMG_0629.jpeg


    Feels great! Come see!
  14. IMG_0625.jpeg


    So hard!
  15. IMG_0627.jpeg


    So soft!
  16. IMG_0531.jpeg


    Gear night!
  17. Jockstrapguy

    The Ultimate: Cellblock 13 Frame Back Body Harness + Codpiece + Cockring

    CELLBLOCK 13 FRAME BACK BODY HARNESS + CODPIECE + COCKRING This is the ultimate and kinkiest harness and jock combo with every bell and whistle included...
  18. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: Cellblock 13 Slick Carpenter Jockstraps with Snap-off Pouch

    Just wanted to share some of the close-up detail shots of Cellblock 13's new jocks. They really are quite stunning and unique - The waistband, leg straps and center pouch stripe are made with a coated polyester/spandex that's slick and looks like leather - but it's stretchy and fully washable...
  19. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: William Miguel in Cellblock 13 Slick Carpenter Zipper Shorts

    Check out our photos of our model William Miguel showing off in our new Cellblock 13 Slick Carpenter Zipper Short. Made with a stretchy wax-coated denim. With double zip crotch panel up front and single zipper up the rear for full exposure/access. Machine washable on cold!
  20. Jockstrapguy

    Cellblock 13 Slick Carpenter Zipper Shorts and Jockstraps

    CELLBLOCK 13 SLICK CARPENTER ZIPPER SHORT AND JOCKS WITH SNAP-OFF POUCH Whether you're a carpenter or just some regular guy, you'll need something to hold your tool until needed, well Cellblock 13 has...