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  2. 20220520_092741.jpg


  3. 20220520_092704.jpg


  4. 20220520_092645.jpg


  5. cock6.JPG


    black ring
  6. Golberg work wear

    Golberg work wear

  7. Morning Wood

    Morning Wood

    Slept in jock all night woke up with a raging hard on
  8. fubarnd

    Help me identify a black nut Cup

    When I was in junior high, I had a black nut cup very similar to this Flarico (found on ebay). I don't remember the brand but it was very comfortable until it wouldn't fit any more and I had to switch to a Bike cup. The jock pouch was on the outside and had two snaps to close it. This was mid...
  9. After Dark mesh black thong

    After Dark mesh black thong

    Black mesh thong from before we had internet in our homes. Still fits, almost.
  10. XTC Leather of New York 2

    XTC Leather of New York 2

    Zippers R4 Unzipping
  11. XTC Leather of New York

    XTC Leather of New York

    Black Zippered Jockstrap
  12. Fort Troff Black Jockstrap

    Fort Troff Black Jockstrap

    Fort Troff put out a pride pack of jocks for Pride2021
  13. PapiJockstrapBlack.jpg


    Papi jockstrap black
  14. Locker Gear Jockstrap

    Locker Gear Jockstrap

    Black with mesh and leatherette jockstrap
  15. IMG_3159.jpeg


    Side profile of my black bike jock
  16. IMG_3649.jpeg


    Classic Mr S leather wide band jocks - I wish they still made these
  17. IMG_2858.jpeg


  18. P1040649.JPG


    Curbwear jock
  19. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: Tobias in Bruto Mesh Jockstraps and Thongs

    We brought in the Bruto Mesh Collection in the middle of our Covid lockdown and had to launch the collection with Bruto's photos. Well, like most manufacturer supplied photos, they were dull and mostly g-rated. That doesn't cut it at Jockstrap Central. So, slowly but surely we're replacing...
  20. Jockstrapguy

    Photos: Tobias in a Male Power Uranus Moonshine Jockstrap and Harness

    We have literally sold thousands of Male Power's Moonshine Jockstrap over the years. So it was a no-brainer to bring in this new take on Moonshine. The Male Power Uranus Moonshine Harness is the same Moonshine we all love except this on has a sexy stretch harness attached to it. Here's some of...