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Location (enter city)
York, England,United Kingdom
What do you love about jockstraps?
They remind me of the first time I was fucked by a guy wearing one. Also, I love the feeling that my arse is always ready to be fucked.
Favorite Styles of Jockstraps
  1. Fashion Jockstraps
  2. Fetish Jockstraps
  3. Erotic Jockstraps
Favorite Jockstrap Brands
Currently Code22 and Barcode
How many jocks do you own?
What is your favorite jock?
The one I’m being fucked in, because I know that it’s not only making me horny, it’s doing the same to the guy fucking me.
Do you trade jocks?
Sexual Orientation
Kink or Fetish?
Latex, leather, Lycra straps
Spit roasts
Being lightly sparked while being fucked
Being covered in cum
Favorite Movies?
Any Coen Brothers film
Favorite Music / Musicians:
Where do I start? With 10000+ songs on my 160Gb iPod, I’ve got everything from Afterlight to Zappa and musical genres from Classical to World Music, including Country and Delta Blues such as Mississippi John Hurt and Robert Johnson, modern blues including the guitarists’ guitarist, the late great Rory Gallagher plus Wilco Johnson and the ’Desert Bluesman Ali Farman Toure; the Renaissance English composer Thomas Tallis; Pink Floyd up to The Wall; Trance; Punk Rock etc. etc. ad infinitum
Favorite Sports
There’s only one sport IMO that’s worth watching and that’s Cricket, particularly the 5 day Test Match red ball game.
Favorite Food?
Anything that’s tasty!



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