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who else's Favorite part of wearing a jock is your exposed ass and why?


More in my albums!
Who else's favorite part of wearing a
jockstrap is having your man-ass exposed with just the straps hugging your cheeks? has always been my fav feeling and look, just something about it for me at least, the reason why keep coming back to Jocks and can't quit them haha
Definitely a huge part of their appeal! I love snapping the straps too!
And we can tell how much you like to expose your sweet cheeks by all your photos in your album!


Jockstrap Fan
Just love being bare-arsed in public. and no-one knowing until I bend down eg in a supermarket and my strap is exposed.Being bare arsed wearing just a jock in the garden l Postman has seene several times when he;s delivered never. says anything but his eyes are out on stalks. love my arse out in the fresh air


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Jockstrap Fan
The reason that I like a jockstrap leaving my arse exposed is that it makes it easy to be fucked in a cruising area without the need to pull your briefs/boxers etc down to the ground. It’s also a damn sight easier to cover up quickly if the need arises. It’s also easier for me to straddle him (a favourite alternative position after on my back with my legs around his torso or neck) if the situation allows.
Why don’t I just go Commando? Because of the principle that less is more; if the other guy can’t see my hard cock, but only a bulge, it’s definitely more of a turn on for him and me.

Jocks&speedos lover

Jockstrap Fan
I love a bike jockstrap I think it makes a man look like a real man
When I see a guy wearing a jock it turns me on
Just to see the waist band showing over his shorts or jeans
I all ways have my bike jock waist band showing
Agree with you bud. Such a turn on seeing a jock waist band over jeans or shorts. Always make sure mine is showing. Love the support a jock gives my cock and the feel of my bare arse in jeans, sweats, shorts and especially under a suit for work. As engjock said - arse always ready for some action 😉

Love Jocks

Jockstrap Fan
Your fellow gym goers are very lucky! I bet you get some good/inviting looks? Do let us know if there are some tales to tell... 😉
Well, I've since moved, so I don't use that gym anymore. It was Planet Fitness. They had just one urinal right next to the three individual shower stalls, so it was very convenient to just stop for a piss and then pop into the stall to shower. I just happen to be one of those guys who always has to take a leak right after a workout.

There weren't too many guys in the locker room when I went. But I always made sure when I'm changing out of my sweaty workout clothes, I stripped off my pants first, leaving the jock on to let anyone who walked in have a glimpse of it (I've never seen any other guys wearing jocks). Very few men seemed to get fully naked. Even the ones who showered usually took their towel and clothes to the stall with them and dressed there when they were done.

I did have a handsome late 20s-early 30s beefy football type bear get dressed near me once though. He bent over and I saw his thick ass from the side as he pulled his (tight) boxer briefs on, but I couldn't see his meat. I was already dressed and I could feel my dick starting to rise in my jeans and bikini briefs. I was soaked with precum when I got home, which was less than a mile down the road. Let's just say that only five minutes after I arrived home, I needed another shower. ;)