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Champion jock-brief


Jockstrap Fan


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More in my albums!
I checked the site out and signed up for emails. I got an email shortly after saying they were having a flash sale on their jockstrap for only $10 each! Couldn't pass that deal up! Can't wait to get the two I ordered to check out the quality and fit!
These ads are now appearing on my feed...very hot vids of men in jocks in lockerroom and undressing/dressing...thrilled for BIKE! Eagerly awaiting my first ordrr!


underwear / fundoshi / jockstraps / loincloths
The jock briefs from Geek arrived. The pouch is comfortable on first wearing. The back portion could offer more coverage. We’ll see their durability with time.
I have a few of these, very comfy for daily wear. Coincidentally I’m wearing one today, under my office clothes.

order one size up from your normal size and they’re perfect


underwear / fundoshi / jockstraps / loincloths
The sports brief is what I wear. Your post reminded me of them cause they have the back covered like a brief but the front of the jock. Jockstraps.com also has some omtex ones
Those Omtex Tokyo jockbriefs are so soft and comfy. Ordered 4 on sale the other day!


Jockstrap Fan
I too had a genuine Champion jock brief. I thought it was great.
I currently still have a Calvin Klein jock brief. Normally, I'm not interested in what is sometimes dubbed "fashion jocks" but this one is about yrs old and probably preceded that fashion era. In any case, it's lasted forever, is totally comfortable and from the front looks just like a jockstrap. it's only when I turn sideways that you see it's a brief.


Jockstrap Fan
Champion made a great jock-brief years ago. Perfect mesh cup with full seat- a versatile jock for every day and great on the beach. This image is from the web as I unfortunately wore mine out years ago. Loved this style.
I had a few of those too and found them quite erotic except that the SEAT tended to do a «wedgie». .Would love to have met you on the beach wearing those jockbriefs and bury my face in the pouch.