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  1. 20230202-205041.jpg


    Sweaty work-out
  2. 20221221_204031.jpg


  3. S

    Stats at the gym locker room

    Hey boys, just left the gym. second time I've been to this one. Put in an hour of cardio and strength training. Second time wearing this new jockstrap too. I've been paying attention to the boys as they come and go from the locker room. I'm honestly surprised, and not in a good way. I'd say...
  4. 20221201_033127.jpg


    Pants down! Wore these for a week!
  5. S

    What's in your gym bag?

    Pretty self-explanatory. What's in the bag you bring with you to the gym? Im getting ready for a new gym to open in the area, so it made me wonder what y'all bring with you. For me, I have my workout clothes (t-shirt, shorts, socks). I have my gym shoes. I have my jockstrap, a cup, and a...
  6. S

    Community Jockstrap/Gym Kit

    If your local gym offered a loaner gym kit (shirt, shorts, socks, jockstrap, and towel) to use while you work out, would you use it? All of it? Why or why not? (We can assume it is washed after each use)
  7. Jockfla

    Nike Gym Jock

    I’m looking to sell my used Nike jock that I’ve worn to the gym for the last 4 days. I plan to keep on wearing it until it sells, but it’s already getting pretty ripe with sweat. Size XL, but fits somewhere between L and XL in the waist, but I go bigger with my bubble butt lol. Any takers?
  8. 763C034C-16D3-4AC8-9191-25D1B3DAA185.jpeg


    post workout
  9. IMG_20220630_192053.jpg


    so sweaty. had to have jocks drying all over my room
  10. IMG_20220630_192004.jpg


  11. duke.jpg


  12. bike.jpg


  13. Resized_20220621_175725.jpeg


    Who wants these sweaty jocks???
  14. IMG_4476.jpeg


  15. Sweat.


  16. Jockboy69

    Jockstrap Body Blast in NYC?

    Any of my bros familiar with this? Was thinking of trying it out.
  17. SportJockBoy

    My Gym Sauna Encounters

    Hey bros! I have some pretty hot gym sauna experiences I want to share. I was visiting my family for a month recently, so I was going to an LA Fitness location near them. The first and fourth ones are absolutely insane, I still can’t believe they happened. Encounter 1: After one of my workouts...
  18. Sjoxxx

    Muscular guys sweaty jocks

    I have used jocks for sale . I will also take requests.
  19. jocksboxerbriefs


    After 25 mile bike ride. Who wants to sniff
  20. 100_1242.jpg


    Old favorite semi-hard Bike cut