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jock as underwear

  1. Jocks and poppers, a winning combination

    Jocks and poppers, a winning combination

  2. Bike No. 10

    Bike No. 10

    Wearing a trusty Bike No. 10 under jeans on a Saturday afternoon.
  3. Jock Fitting

    Jock Fitting

    Checking how it fits after sewing finished
  4. Sunshine


    After Morning workout
  5. Abs & Bulge

    Abs & Bulge

    Abs workout
  6. Sunshine


    Getting the moring rays
  7. S

    London, UK!

    Hello jockStrappers! Hope all well in your world. Any Jock tops wants to meet in person in London for jock exchanges and save fun? Also anyone in London wants to participate in a research about gay men and jockstrap for a thesis project, get intouch! Serious intentions only! Summer is...
  8. Royal Blue JockBriefs

    Royal Blue JockBriefs

    Royal Blue JockBriefs designed and made by myself
  9. Blue Sky Jockstrap

    Blue Sky Jockstrap

    Blue Sky Jockstrap. Designed and made by myself
  10. palmtreebum

    Jocks available!

    Lemme know if you would like any! They can be made special!
  11. Little Black Jock

    Little Black Jock

    Do I look fit?
  12. Yin Yang

    Yin Yang

    Black & White Yin Yang Jockstrap. Designed and mande by myself
  13. Do you like Blue?

    Do you like Blue?

    This was designed for a Spinning instructor who likes BLUE
  14. Vinotinto Jockstrap

    Vinotinto Jockstrap

    "Vinotinto" in my country "Red Wine" in yours
  15. Bikini Jock

    Bikini Jock

    Bikini Jockstrap I was making a Thong and turned up in a Josckstrap
  16. JC Swimmer Jock

    JC Swimmer Jock

  17. viber_изображение_2022-02-02_18-11-37-544.jpg


  18. ac jock front

    ac jock front

  19. Bike No. 10

    Bike No. 10

    Sporting a Bike No. 10 from Jockstrap Central. And, unfortunately, too many doughnuts.
  20. 4FEF2A44-D8EF-4D36-9922-B1AC660DFBF9.jpeg