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  6. S

    Stats at the gym locker room

    Hey boys, just left the gym. second time I've been to this one. Put in an hour of cardio and strength training. Second time wearing this new jockstrap too. I've been paying attention to the boys as they come and go from the locker room. I'm honestly surprised, and not in a good way. I'd say...
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    Chilling while strapped
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    Jockin' around
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    Always hanging in just a jock
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    Keep staring at my jock, bro
  11. S

    What's in your gym bag?

    Pretty self-explanatory. What's in the bag you bring with you to the gym? Im getting ready for a new gym to open in the area, so it made me wonder what y'all bring with you. For me, I have my workout clothes (t-shirt, shorts, socks). I have my gym shoes. I have my jockstrap, a cup, and a...
  12. S

    Community Jockstrap/Gym Kit

    If your local gym offered a loaner gym kit (shirt, shorts, socks, jockstrap, and towel) to use while you work out, would you use it? All of it? Why or why not? (We can assume it is washed after each use)
  13. S

    Thanks for the motivation...

    Thanks for the motivation on every page... I now have a gym membership again (starting December 1st. Gym hasn't opened yet). I need to get my ass to look like this ad. Hopefully I get there.
  14. Mr Matty Muscle

    Jockstrap Thief

    I've been going to the gym a lot more recently and don't know why but it's been making me a lot more horny. But keep thinking of how I want someone to come steal my jockstrap. I normally leave my stuff on the bench when i go for a shower and hopefully when i come back my jock would be gone. It...
  15. J&Boy

    Gym jockstrap

    Well, hi everyone No long ago i decide to workout in a gym close from where i live. I want to get a body like the models on the underwear boxes I'm a little shy, but i'm working on get use to the people. I'm young and unexperience, i still have questions somebody have use a communal shower...
  16. Breaking in a Pouch

    Breaking in a Pouch

  17. PXL_20220929_014439129.jpg


    sniffin a rip jock
  18. Jockfla

    Nike Gym Jock

    I’m looking to sell my used Nike jock that I’ve worn to the gym for the last 4 days. I plan to keep on wearing it until it sells, but it’s already getting pretty ripe with sweat. Size XL, but fits somewhere between L and XL in the waist, but I go bigger with my bubble butt lol. Any takers?
  19. easlgrundle

    Yes, Dear - sitcom jockstrap

    Yes, Dear Season 4 Episode 15 "Mama Said Knock You Out" (2000-2006 CBS sitcom) Jimmy, our hunky security guard bear dad played by Mike O'Malley, hauls the wife & kids & inlaws to the gym for some healthy exercise. Lanky Greg after ungracefully pulling off tear-away pants down to his gym...
  20. Jockfla

    Variety of Jocks for sale

    Hey bros- Title says it all- I have a ton of jocks I’m looking to sell- as is or customized. Message me for details. Sizes ranging from Large to XL. Some brands include Gym, 2xist, C-in2, Grand Axis, MeUndies, and Nike. Also have a variety of thongs, BoxerBriefs, and Briefs if you’re interested.