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  1. IMG_3426.jpeg


    Jock briefs
  2. IMG_3424.jpeg


    More of my collection
  3. IMG_3423.jpeg


    Some vintage and some nice ones
  4. Baseball jock.png

    Baseball jock.png

    BIKE jockstrap and cup
  5. ScottTheJockGuy

    Favorite cups

    What’s your favorite cup? Why? for me, my all time favorite will always be the XO Athletic Teen ProCup. Very comfortable, and plenty of space for raging hard-ons. but I hold the basic white bike cup in a special place in my heart. Even though it was small and uncomfortable, it made me feel...
  6. Cup holding a snack

    Cup holding a snack

  7. j23.jpg


  8. j22.jpg


  9. Pissing in jock and cup

    Pissing in jock and cup

  10. Pissing in jock and cup

    Pissing in jock and cup

  11. MMA cup bilge

    MMA cup bilge

    Cupped for MMA
  12. Cock & Cup - Pic 3

    Cock & Cup - Pic 3

    My semi-aroused cock poking out the top of my cup
  13. Cock & Cup - Pic 2

    Cock & Cup - Pic 2

    Another view of my Semi-aroused meat in my cup, while holding my jockstrap
  14. Cock & Cup - Pic 1

    Cock & Cup - Pic 1

    My Semi-aroused meat in my cup, while holding my jockstrap
  15. cupguy

    Trade well used Cups in Toronto

    looking to trade some of my well used cups with other guys in Toronto. Sweat, cum and piss stained. Smelly and well used. Medium sized.
  16. ScottTheJockGuy

    Never have I ever… had a lucky jockstrap/cup

    I’ve never had a lucky jockstrap. Not including my hockey jockstrap, and the ones I’ve stolen from the boys locker room, I had the same jockstrap and cup up till college. And while yes, it absolutely did save my boyhood countless times, I wouldn’t necessarily call it lucky. I did have a lucky...
  17. 30B46831-FCAC-464A-B17E-362D914A229B.jpeg


  18. Drd001

    I'm in Seattle and have too many jockstraps and cups....

    Anyone interested in getting together and trying some of them on? Having some fun in a fitting/jockstrap bonding session? Most are size L and XL. I bought most of the cups used cause I really like the idea of jock cups that have been worn by other guys! I would donate them for a good cause but...
  19. 20230617_082622.jpg


    Pro Force Cup Supporter
  20. jockedgymbro

    Jocks for sale

    I have a bunch of jocks I'm looking to offload. May have others too. Lmk if interested or have questions. Selling for 15-35 per jock.