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  1. Bring it on!

    Bring it on!

    Nothing like being cupped to make you feel invincible.
  2. collegeathlete02

    Masc guy nuts in cup

    https://thisvid.com/videos/verbal-bro-jizzes-inside-cup/ hot af
  3. Baseball cup

    Baseball cup

    Removing cup after baseball game.
  4. Cupped player

    Cupped player

    This guy isn't taking any chances when it comes to wearing a cup.
  5. easlgrundle

    Comedian Bert Kreischer talking jockstraps, showing off ass and balls and jock

    Bert Kreischer and the KFC radio podcast hosts talk about saggy old man balls and compare by pulling their pants down, bending over and looking from the back. He says maybe he should just start wearing jockstraps, he likes being naked and unencumbered. Clip Full Episode And he has a promo...
  6. Cupped young fighter.jpg

    Cupped young fighter.jpg

    Heavily protected young cage fighter
  7. Jocked and ready.jpg

    Jocked and ready.jpg

    Ready for action
  8. Getting jocked II.jpg

    Getting jocked II.jpg

    Protecting the goods
  9. Getting jocked I.jpg

    Getting jocked I.jpg

    Slipping on a cup before playing
  10. IMG_1040.jpeg


    Protect the boys. Cup up!
  11. Cupped Golberg

    Cupped Golberg

    Double strapped Golbergs with a Shock Doctor cup in between
  12. Cupped McDavid

    Cupped McDavid

    Double strapped McDavid with Shock Doctor Cup
  13. Champion with peeking cup

    Champion with peeking cup

    Double PCP Champions with Shock Doctor cup
  14. Cupped Champion

    Cupped Champion

    Double jocked Champions with Shock Doctor Cup
  15. cupped Bear

    cupped Bear

    XO cup supporter with Shock Doctor cup
  16. 25483330-5F6D-4F6B-9946-1DC6BA8284D4.jpeg


  17. Cracked cup.jpg

    Cracked cup.jpg

    Crushed cup after taking a direct hit.
  18. rutter222

    My last little league game

    I was 13 going on 14. I played on the same little league team since I was 9. Mr. Hallman was our coach. He was a big towering man. Had to be 6' 3" at least and weighed about 240 in my estimate now as an adult. Back then his was just a giant. He had broad shoulders, thick arms (forearms...
  19. B


    A pic just posted here of a stud in his CUP had a motorcycle in the background. Reminds me of an actual experience I had many years ago. The filling station I frequented had a pump jockey who was your quintessential «Marlboro Man» — tall, lean, HARD, and wearing cowboy boots and skin-tight...
  20. easlgrundle

    Cup that fits a full erection

    Curious what if a cup were specifically designed to accomodate a full erection. @jockman9 had a very sexy image of a boner protruding the top of a jofa cup that prompted this question. Like, if the cup had a channel arching around the cock to let it escape out the top? Or perhaps the whole...