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  1. KenAdams30

    Skater boy Jockstrap

    Hi! I am selling my jockstraps/underwears. Let me know if you interested so I could take some more pictures! It can be customisable.
  2. 20230117-210854.jpg


    Microfiber jock with one load got all over the pouch!
  3. Cum jock 1-23.JPG

    Cum jock 1-23.JPG

    Load number three on a jock I'm preparing for, um...a friend:)
  4. T

    Looking to buy well cum stained jockstrap

    I love the feeling of wearing another guys cum stained Jockstrap, the more heavily stained the better. If they have piss stains as well even better. I would need a small or medium.
  5. signal-2022-12-14-01-08-00-796.png


    Low res Three urinals in a mirrored alcove, a multiverse of jocks and sexy beasts.
  6. collegeathlete02

    Twink cums through swimmer jock

    cums from just rubbing. Super hot
  7. subZer0

    My video that I just posted!!

  8. Screenshot_20221114-060721_Gallery.jpg


    My cock was so rock hard that I shot so many times and this isn't even the full amount!
  9. cum thru jock.jpeg

    cum thru jock.jpeg

    Love my scent
  10. Redsucked02

    Cum delights!

    Lets see you cum! Blasting, dripping or drooling! Precum, post cum and during! In your hand, on your stomach, in your pubes, in an ass, in your jockstrap or in your jockstrap! On your face, tongue or ??? Prefer the photos to be of your own cumloads...
  11. Jockstrapper44

    Nearly perfect scene

    Very lucky bottom with a hot thick cock. I love how the bottom keeps his jock on the whole time. If they were wearing knee socks this would be the perfect scene lol. Still made me bust so hard!
  12. 20221003_141454_HDR.jpg


    Horny as hell.
  13. 20220928_004423.jpg


    One load
  14. IMG_6592.JPG


    Loading up a pair of briefs for a buddy
  15. kevbelow

    Strapped in Phoenix

    Looking for someone to fuck my strapped ass and feed me their load. Hit me up
  16. 20220916_164929.jpg


    Edged in these
  17. subZer0

    Watch me

  18. subZer0

    Want to watch?

  19. 20220906_194429.jpg


    Cum blast
  20. shortguy

    1970s Jock Porn “Track Meet”

    Has some jockstrap locker action, including a guy sniffing and jacking off into a jockstrap. WARNING - there is a rape scene and the only black actor is the rapist - so not great on the diversity front!