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  1. DJX


  2. UncutCockring.jpeg~2.jpg


    Love my rings and how they make me feel
  3. 20230806_130007.jpg


    And I thought the Sniper was hot. Holy wonderfullness this is! Xtreme Blue Balls Strike Force Cock Ring https://www.jockstrapcentral.com/productdisplay.php?product=40112
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  5. Jockstrapguy

    Blue Balls Cock Rings - The Hard Launch!

    XTREME BLUE BALLS COCK RING COLLECTION - THE HARD LAUNCH If you've been paying attention you'd know we soft launched our new Xtreme Blue Balls Cockrings a while back. But due to scheduling and some other...
  6. 20230714_122745.jpg


    Xtreme Blue Balls Sniper Cock Ring https://www.jockstrapcentral.com/productdisplay.php?product=40111 May be a new favorite! And the blue matches my blue balls.
  7. Picture 115.jpg

    Picture 115.jpg

    jacking in my blue buck jock
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    I love mesh!
  9. 20230508_131242.jpg


    Jocked, ringed, and pierced.
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  12. Jockstrapguy

    It's Gotta Go! Raw Studio Clearance Sale - 25% off all jocks and gear - 15% off cock rings.

    Heads up for Your Jockstraps members: We're officially announcing our Raw Studio Spring Clearance Sale on Saturday but letting you guys know it's on now in case you want to get a jump on it. We just had a meeting with Raw Studio who showed us a brand new collections of jocks and gear. So, to...
  13. Jockfla


    Looking for people to chat with long term- Hit me up
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  16. Jockstrapguy

    Xtreme Taint-a-lizer Cock Rings Launched

    XTREME TAINT-A-LIZER COCK RING - THE HEAVY METAL COLLECTION Saving the best for last! It's the Xtreme Taint-a-lizer Cock Ring - the final addition to our Heavy Metal Cock Ring...
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  18. Jockstrapguy

    First Look: Xtreme Heavy Metal Cock Rings

    You're getting it first! Our email newsletter announcing the launch of our new Xtreme Heavy Metal Cock Rings isn't heading out until tomorrow but here's it is for all you guys here at Your Jockstraps... It's three new additions to our Xtreme Cock Rings selection. This collection we're calling...
  19. 2023-02-5.jpg


    Yellow jockstrap
  20. Jockstrapguy

    Stuff that Jockstrap - 46 Cock rings now 15% to 20% off

    Stuff that Stocking Jockstrap! All cock rings are now 15% to 20% off at Jockstrap Central until Tuesday. Over 40 styles to choose from. We've got everything from our very own Xtreme solid heavy metal rings to adjustable silicone rings in black, red or blue. We've got 3D printed ones that glow...