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  1. JK - CB13 - Green (L) (2).JPG

    JK - CB13 - Green (L) (2).JPG

  2. JK - CB13 - Green (L) (1).JPG

    JK - CB13 - Green (L) (1).JPG

  3. new CellBlock13 Tight End Swimmer

    new CellBlock13 Tight End Swimmer

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  5. 20211007_001956.jpg


  6. 20211006_092623.jpg


  7. 20211006_095238.jpg


  8. AdamScott

    What Cellblock 13 should I buy?

    I'm currently looking at 2 different harnesses and I like then both but can't choose. Should I do the Trojan or Rogue??
  9. 20210811_192138.jpg


    Do they make another harness cockring?
  10. 20210811_192240.jpg


  11. 20210813_225037.jpg


    Anyone just come home and can't wait to jump into something even if it's for yourself.
  12. Cock and bottle

    Cock and bottle

    peeking out with a bottle
  13. Cellblock13


    cockring and cock
  14. Cellblock13 bulge

    Cellblock13 bulge

  15. J

    Cellblock Brand Questions

    Question for the jock bros.... The Cell Block 13 Tight End Jocks, how are their sizing? I have a measured 37 inch waist, according to the size chart that's an XL. But I have read reviews that they run large. A Bike #10 in L fits me perfectly. Would I be safe with following the size chart or...
  16. AdamScott

    **NEW UNDIES**

    Love the feeling of this soooo much. Took the worst photos but I lost the selfie stick lol 😆
  17. AdamScott

    Just purchased

    Love the feeling of this soooo much.
  18. posing and experimenting in the deep mountains 2

    posing and experimenting in the deep mountains 2

    I wished there was a dom to fuck my exposed ass from behind.
  19. cellblock 13 suspender jock

    cellblock 13 suspender jock

    I love those harness / suspenders + waistless jocks outfits.
  20. versjock

    CellBlock 13 Sonic Pouch in Grey

    If anyone happens to have one that they would like to sell or trade. This jock is one of my biggest piggy fantasies and I missed the boat on buying one.