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bottom in jock

  1. very hungry

    very hungry

  2. FuckMeRAW

    New guy: My first post!

    😈 My Aussie hole 🇦🇺 ====================== Message me on WhatsApp Buy my jocks on eBay Follow me on Instagram ======================
  3. CIN2


  4. cruzn183

    Hot Jockstrap

    Just hot dudes in hot jockstraps, that’s all. 💦
  5. photo 1.jpeg

    photo 1.jpeg

    On the floor in a WINSTAR restroom
  6. photo 3.jpeg

    photo 3.jpeg

    Slide in
  7. photo 4.jpeg

    photo 4.jpeg

    Slide on in
  8. photo 4.jpeg

    photo 4.jpeg

    Looking through my “sent” file to Craigslist ads.
  9. photo 4.jpeg

    photo 4.jpeg

    Looking through my “sent” file to Craigslist ads.
  10. cruzn183

    New Law

    There needs to be a new law that states you must get fucked when wearing a jockstrap
  11. IMG_2342.png


    Internet Photo
  12. D

    Should bottoms always be locked up?

    I’ve often wondered if bottoms should be locked up in chastity always? Yes they would/should wear a jockstrap as well, but wanted to know what others think. Does anyone have anything specific that they want their bottoms in besides chastity, or jockstraps? Please share😘
  13. Locker Selfie

    Locker Selfie

    Looking for a gym hookup
  14. Apartment Gym show off

    Apartment Gym show off

  15. Ready for Mr. Right Now

    Ready for Mr. Right Now

    I found an old pic, for a Craigslist ad lol
  16. LBJockPig

    Coyote Jocks

    I’m digging the white coyote jock. Anybody else?
  17. IMG_9540.jpeg


    Old Riddell
  18. IMG_9539.jpeg


    An old Riddell jock I found in my drawer
  19. IMG_6148.jpeg


  20. Screenshot_20230115_144456_Photos.jpg


    Who is next