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  1. IMG_3050.jpeg


  2. IMG_3058.jpeg


    Just a bit more
  3. IMG_3059.jpeg


    Just a hint
  4. IMG_3060.jpeg


    Who wants a feel…
  5. IMG_3056.jpeg


    Get so horny in footy shorts
  6. IMG_3057.jpeg


    It’s been a while guys. Comfy old Bike
  7. E

    Bike Jockstrap Rolling Stone Magazine

    New article. https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-movies/tv-movie-features/kristen-stewart-love-lies-bleeding-collaborations-fiancee-dylan-meyer-1234965161/amp/
  8. ScottTheJockGuy

    Favorite cups

    What’s your favorite cup? Why? for me, my all time favorite will always be the XO Athletic Teen ProCup. Very comfortable, and plenty of space for raging hard-ons. but I hold the basic white bike cup in a special place in my heart. Even though it was small and uncomfortable, it made me feel...
  9. Jockstrapguy

    Meyer Classic Jockstraps Restock and 15% off - next 5 days

    (Messed up pretty bad this week with our email blast. Not only did I state the wrong sale price in the subject line but I also forgot to put the damn Meyer jocks on sale. So I sent out an apology email today with the fixes. Not an excuse but also not surprising as I had some bad health news this...
  10. White Jock

    White Jock

    Bike Jock
  11. Jock & Socks

    Jock & Socks

    Bike Side View
  12. White Jock

    White Jock

    White Bike Jock & Socks
  13. JockstrapCollectoin-Multicolor.jpeg


    Over 20 jockstraps, collected since the 1990s. Bike, GBGB, Gym, PUMP!, etc.
  14. JockstrapCollection-White.jpeg


    25 jockstraps, collected since the 1990s. Bike, Gym, Duke, etc.
  15. Bike jockstrap

    Bike jockstrap

  16. Bike jockstrap

    Bike jockstrap

  17. Bike jockstrap

    Bike jockstrap

  18. Jan 1 Jock--Bike

    Jan 1 Jock--Bike

    Starting the year with one of my Bikes
  19. Jock Ass

    Jock Ass

    Bike jock ass
  20. Jock