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bike #10

  1. Swapped yellow Bike #10

    Swapped yellow Bike #10

    I've been wanking and cumming in this jockstrap for a week.
  2. Cupjock

    My first time at a male sex club

    True story. I was 18 and horned up, not an unusual thing for me- or most 18 year-olds. I was not dating, and didn't want to be seen going into the sauna/sex club in my own town (I was in the closet). I got an assignment from my boss to pick up his friends car in a town 400 miles away. I was put...
  3. ScentPigNYC

    Original Bike #10 piggy

    Looking to sell some old favs to move on to new. Also not working, so selling "bits" for some extra $$. This Bike Original #10 (M) is stained and well used. Worn by both me and Sir. I love to wear a jock until you can smell above clothes. But I can deliver clean. LMK. Please make BO. And where...
  4. 5

    Bike 150th Anniversary jockstrap

    Did any one get a chance to order one of these before they sold out? Apparently they went pretty fast.
  5. Bubble In Bike

    Bubble In Bike

  6. Bike #10

    Bike #10

  7. I just started a fire…

    I just started a fire…

    Come on over and hang out!
  8. Bike No. 10

    Bike No. 10

    It’s getting cold over by me.
  9. IMG_8778.JPEG


    Bike jock
  10. jockbear

    Vintage Vs. Modern

    Everyone seems to remember the jockstraps of old with find memories. I'll admit to snooping as a kid and finding my dad's Bike and even my uncle's local store branded supporter at grandparents house. Of course I put them on and they were damned comfortable. Since many of us liked these jocks...
  11. IMG_0421.jpeg


    Yes coach
  12. IMG_0372.jpeg


    Jock check #4
  13. P

    The day I found a great advantage to wearing a jockstrap.

    In Middle School jockstraps were requeued starting in 6th grade. Everyone took off their tightly whites and strapped up. We all pit on our gum uniforms and then us boys had some sort of jockstrap check. Never understood the reason to be in the gym and take up time to check for jockstraps since...
  14. 20231030_213138730_ne.jpg


    I really like the look of the waistband on this generation of the Bike No. 10.
  15. 20231024_175058074_ne.jpg


    80s-90s era Bike No. 10
  16. 20230908_114900.jpg


    Bike and cup
  17. F

    Bike Original #10 Jockstrap

    Looking to sell (or potentially trade for another jock) a barely worn medium Bike Original #10 jockstrap. It’s a great jock but have never liked the thickness of the waistband. Open to wearing it at the gym / during a sports match prior to shipping. Direct message me if you’re interested.
  18. IMG_7630.jpeg


    New garage. Old jockstrap #1
  19. 1000008445.jpg


    3-inch waistband Bike BASP10 for #Jocktober 18.
  20. PXL_20231012_172739113.jpg


    Bicycle wheel logo Bike #10. Love how comfy these are.