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    Have you gone to the gym ? I am may go tomorrow.
    I think that foreman parked where he did because it took his crew 5 days to go through the bridge area. He had to recognize I was who I am. I'm not one to be ashamed but I'm not one to invite trouble. I'm a Man who is proud of myself naked or in a jock. If I start masturbating, I guess that is sort of an invitation. I've gotten the impression over the years that most men who watch relate and enjoy masturbation and me performing for others. I'm only into exposing myself to men, who may or may not share my proclivities. Most of us realize it's significance and the pleasure involved. In the last 20 years, only one jogger stopped who could see me, yelled: "You Pervert". Yet he kept watching until I orgasmed. I thought, well, you didn't find it that bad or you wouldn't have kept watching. I love my cock, masturbating, and exposing myself. It is who I am. Steven.
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