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Jockstrap Central model Jack

Some of my photos for Jockstrap Central of our model Jack

Full disclosure, Jack is a very good friend and one of my all-time favorite models to shoot - partially because he's just so much fun and a true exhibitionist and partially because I think he's just so damn hot. I shot Jack a three times in 2013 but unfortunately, he ended up with a job where we can no longer model for us.

Another full disclosure: He's also the only model I've ever been unprofessional with - but only because he's such a good friend and what you would call a friend with benefits.

This gallery is an archive of our photography - most of this gear has been discontinued.
It's hard to blame you for being unprofessional with him. Granted, I know nothing of his personality, but with a handsome smile like that anyone would get weak in the knees. He has a nice penis too.

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