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metal cockrings

  1. IMG_2672.jpg


    sliding down the Bike
  2. 20210811_192253.jpg


    Time to stay horny for as long as possible without wanting to sleep from today
  3. 20210811_192333.jpg


    Took off the other cock rind and for the first time im using a metal one and I am totally digging it
  4. AdamScott

    I wish i had more jockstraps from this store because i love them... just super broke. Want to save up for a kinky Cellblock 13 harness i can post🍆💋

    Want a Cellblock suspender and jock with zipper so bad.. ughh I need a job lol a bottomless (and frontless possibly) singlet is just what this dude needs. I have alot of jock straps but I'm not sure if I can't only post what's on the site, can someone clarify? Cause then unfortunately it's just...