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Partnered to a 41 year old young man open relationship
Retired film & television editor
Love seeing men in their underwear or jockstraps
Absolutely love cumshots and cock of any shape or size! Into a man's ass, nipples and pits as well...
My partner and I welcome all !
November 2
Location (enter city)
Kenosha, WI, USA
What do you love about jockstraps?
How they feel wearing and how they look on a man!
Favorite Styles of Jockstraps
  1. Sport Jockstraps
  2. Fashion Jockstraps
  3. Fetish Jockstraps
  4. Vintage Jockstraps
  5. Hard Cup Supporters
  6. Erotic Jockstraps
  7. Jock Briefs
Favorite Jockstrap Brands
Bear Skn
Sexual Orientation
Gardening, DIY, and men!
Favorite Movies?
Action or comedy
Favorite Music / Musicians:
Rock - Pink Floyd


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