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Recent content by Lycrathong

  1. Lycrathong

    Keeping jock on while fucking

    Here is the proof that a cute young ass framed by the straps of a jock makes me want to fuck them all the more. The pic is of my young boyfriend after I'd fucked him, not sure if the staining on the straps is lube or my cum.
  2. Lycrathong

    Keeping jock on while fucking

    I have a Go Software jock with a hole in the pouch, so I can fuck a guy without taking off my jock
  3. Lycrathong

    Threesome with jock

    I set up a threesome today - a younger bottom guy, myself and a fellow older top. When we got undressed we found the younger guy to be wearing a black Calvin Klein jock, which he kept on for the whole of the session. I.love the sight of a smooth butt in a jock, the straps framing the target...
  4. Lycrathong

    Anyone likes to wear thongs ?

    I prefer thongs to jocks for everday wear as underwear as I find them more comfortable. They do have some similarity to jocks - they have a supportve pouch up front, and the single strap gives them a similar "bare-ass" feeling. Also both make me feel sey, and I might wear either when meeting a...
  5. Lycrathong

    Mesh shorts

    My mesh shorts
  6. Lycrathong

    What kind of underwear do you wear?

    When I'm meeting guys, I often wear styles with cock holes or sheaths. Here's my Sukrew boxer brief and a red bikini brief.
  7. Lycrathong

    Ever try a suspensory?

    I bought a Go Software suspensory a few years back as I wanted to show off my cock. Only really work it for self pics and meeting the occasional guy.
  8. Lycrathong

    UK top seeking jockstrapped bottom

    I'm a mature, hung top guy, more likely to be found in a thong than a jock. I'm looking for a young bottom, his cute smooth little bubble butt framed by the straps of a jock whilst I fuck him.
  9. Lycrathong

    who else's Favorite part of wearing a jock is your exposed ass and why?

    It's not my ass in a jock which is a turnon, but my partner's ass. I always love fucking a smooth bubble butt framed by the straps of a jock.
  10. Lycrathong

    Bottoms: wear your jockstraps!

    I remember one occasion when I was one of 3 tops, who gang fucked a young Asian bottom guy with a bubble butt framed by the straps of a jock. We took it in turns fucking the lad for 90 minutes, including double penetrating him. By the time we'd all cum inside him, he had sweated so much you...
  11. Lycrathong

    Keeping jock on while fucking

    When fucking if I'm wearing anything it's more likely to be a thong with a big erection poking out of the pouch. I do however love my bottom partner to be wearing a jock, there's nothing like the sight of a smooth bubble butt framed by the straps of a jock to make me want to bury my big cock...
  12. Lycrathong

    Cambridge UK top

    Well-endowed mature top seeking cute young jock-wearing bottom lads for NSA fun.
  13. Lycrathong

    penis UP or Down

    In a jock or thong I like the feeling of a supportive pouch holding my cock in an upright position. When I get hard the helmet will poke above the waistband.
  14. Lycrathong

    Bottoms: wear your jockstraps!

    It adds to the sexual excitement when a guy pulls down his jeans to reveal the straps of jock framing a firm, smooth little bubble butt. Of course I want him to keep it on when I ran my cock deep in his hole for a good hard fucking. When I first met my boyfriend he was wearing a grey jock, and...
  15. Lycrathong

    What’s jock pics make you want to grab your meat

    A twink in a jock being fucked by an older top