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Hairy, natural man-scented cigar smokin' chronic addicted popper bator. I'm 52, 5'6/145/7.5" cut hairy penis that smells like sweat & my bate bros dried cum.
This is what turns me on during a bate(by no means do I "need" it all, it's just what I like):
-cigar smoking
-huffing poppers
-dirty jockstraps(wear one 24/7) or underwear
-mansmells(love getting my hairy balls, taint, penis & butthole sniffed & licked, sharing the stink!)
-BUSH & any body hair
-hot & heavy make out sessions
-ejaculation on cocks or jockstraps
-sitting on a rimseat or a face
-verbal bators
FROTTAGE, Nasty, RANK, piggy, DIRTY, filthy, STINK, smoke, MANSMELLS, fucking, PIG, fetish, CIGAR, spit, RIPE, stained, JOCKSTRAP, leather, BEAR, uniforms, HAIRY, beard, BUTTHOLE, sweaty, MASTURBATE, pits, SMELLY, ass, STINKY, hairy, MANSCENT, bush, SWEAT, cock, DONG, masturbator, BATE BUD, jack off, JO, fur, SNIFF
  • Blow my Load
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