Calling all jockstrap fanatics! Share your jockstrap photos, admire other guys in their jocks and supporters, hang out, chat and enjoy. Whether it's traditional sports jockstraps, fashion jockstraps or erotic mesh or see-through jockstraps, everything goes. We’re a community with the heart, a collection of jockstrap photos submitted by you and your buddies.


So you’re thinking about sending in your jockstrap photo(s) - well don’t be shy, we’re jockstrap pervs and we want to see them. We also don’t discriminate, whether you’re fit or not, hung or not, black, white or any color in between, we want to see you in a jock (and so do the other guys checking out Your Jockstraps.

There’s only a few rules.

1. We will only post photos of guys in their jockstraps, suspensory jocks, jock briefs and variations on the jockstrap. As much as we enjoy seeing guys in other styles of underwear or even naked, this site is only about the jocks.

2. We reserve the right to not upload photos. We will not upload photos if it's not a photo of you. Although you don't need to show your face, photos that zoom in on only the crotch or ass area are simply not interesting and are too impersonal. If you send in multiple photos that are practically identical we will only post one. We trying to keep the site interesting. Finally, photos that are commercial, copyrighted, have questionably underage persons or don't include a jockstrap in them will definitely not be uploaded.

Submitting photos:

1. Use the form below (the fastest way for us to get them edited and uploaded as it's done automatically).

2. We can’t accept photos less than 250px wide as they’re too small to handle the tagging and jockstrap description.

3. If the form doesn’t work you can submit your photos via email, however it's a lot faster for me to get them uploaded with the proper information when you use the form. As a last resort, submit your photos via email to

4. Although we require your email address, we will never display it or share it. We will never sign you up to a mail list either.

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! After clicking the SUBMIT button, don't leave this page until you see a Thank You message. Especially when uploading large files.


We will do our best to get your photo(s) uploaded as quickly as possible but often it may take a few days as we are getting lots of photo submissions and we only upload a limited number each day so all photos get front page exposure. There's no need to resubmit your photo, as long as there's a jockstrap in the photo it will be posted. If you'd like to upload another photo, feel free to close this window and submit another photo.



Something went wrong, either you tried to upload a file that wasn't a JPG, GIF, or PNG or the file was too big for the upload program. If you can't get the upload to work, email the photo to it's way easier and you can send in multiple photos at once. Just be sure to mention the type of jockstrap in each photo if you know it.