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Sex in a Jockstrap


Jockstrap Fan
I wore a Bike #10 when I fucked a dude when I was 19 or 20. When I dropped my pants he said "Oh you're wearing a jockstrap how nice". But to me it seemed like he said it in a sort-of sarcastic way. But I fucked him anyway. And I had mad passionate sex many times with a Navajo fuck buddy of mine and he always wore a jockstrap. When he sat on my face and I could see his strapped ass a mere few inches from my eyes were well worth the cum eruption I'd produce every time.

Deleted member 128

Sometimes when you're really Horny and there's no one around - you just have to use your own personal, best Friend. Feels so good sliding in & out between those straps while the cock is being held in it's pouch! :devilish:
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Hot man!! I do the same thing quite a bit.... but that’s because sex only happens for me like once or twice a year.... lol. Also I have a dildo just like that but a bit bigger.


Jockstrap Fan
Hot man!! I do the same thing quite a bit.... but that’s because sex only happens for me like once or twice a year.... lol. Also I have a dildo just like that but a bit bigger.
Hey Social - I want to see some pics of you with your DILDO up your ASS (especially since it's bigger than mine :) You always look so HOT in your jocks - know that I'd shoot a load seeing those pics and would love to have my dildo up my ass when I see them :devilish:


Jockstrap Fan
Had a 4 hour Suck & Fuck Session with my Fuck-Buddy / Dom this week. He greeted me at the door in a Leather Thong & Chest Harness - so I knew I was going to have a special time (one of my all time fetishes and he looked hot as Hell in them)! He plowed my Ass in every position imaginable and on every surface available, all while I was still wearing my Jock. Is there anything sexier than getting fucked while wearing a jock, your top wearing a leather chest harness and being surrounded by Mirrors so you can see the action from all directions? He even rode my cock while I was still wearing my jock - just slid the pouch over to the side and hopepd on for the ride of his life. It was an incredible afternoon that left me drained and exhausted, but totally content. I can't wait for our next get together :devilish:


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Jockstrap Fan
These days, my sex is masturbation. I'm a solosexual chronic masturbator and am jocked nearly 24/7/365. I spew every masturbatory load into one of my special my bate jocks. They are amazingly aromatic and delightfully delicious.
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Jockstrap Fan
Is it just me, or is there nothing sexier then having sex while wearing a jockstrap? Having the freedom at the "backside" for my partner while my cock is being held securely in place until I want to pull it out and play with it. Also having my partner grab hold of my waistband and use it to guide me where he wants me lets me be in his control - which I also find incredibly sexy. It also drives him wild the way the jock "frames" my ass as he is enjoying it.

Do others have similar feelings or experiences?
Exactly!!! love it!


Yeah absolutely love it, i am always strapped when i am going to a hook up. And the thrill of not knowing if the load would leak out from my ass, when i am doing the walk of shame with jockstraps underneath thus there is nothing to catch the dripping cum, excites me. Especially if i am in mesh shorts like this.


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