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Playtime is more fun in straps


Jockstrap Fan
So Friday night I met a guy and had a play night. We chatted on scruff. He’s a total daddy, which I definitely have a thing for daddy and son play. He’s 58, and I’d never been with a guy his age! But I was thoroughly turned on by him and I have no problem with age whatsoever. He’s into younger guys so that’s as perfect. Lol . We chatted a few weeks ago and he wanted me to come over. But I backed out because I got super shy and thought he wouldn’t like me. Anyways he invited me over again, and I just said screw it im going. Turned out that we played around for almost 7 hours! The longest time I’ve ever been in a bedroom setting with a guy and I loved every minute of it! He welcomed my jockstrap obsession! He was wearing one one as well! When I let my hands wander and felt the waist band and the straps I was instantly excited! And while we never made it to penetration, it was super hot and he loved me in the rough trade gear jock and the neoprene harness that connects to it. I spent the whole time pretty much being submissive! I usually don’t really enjoy giving long blow jobs, but I just couldn’t get enough of this guys cock! It was massive! I’ve taken some big ones but never one as long or as thick as his. I sucked on it pretty much the whole time. Lol. Just the whole night was incredibly sensual, and erotic. Neither of us actually shot a load. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day yesterday while I was working. So much so that I couldn’t not jack off last night thinking about it. And playing with a big dildo that I have at home.... I definitely imagined it was his cock in me... lol. I shot a pretty big load last night at home by myself.
so friday night ended with him sending me home in his jockstrap..... it’s just so hot! It’s a little big on me, but I love the pouch on it and having my cock in the pouch knowing his was just there. Lol and I jacked off in his jockstrap last night. He has a house up here where I live, and is up here all the time from LA. We already have plans to get together next weekend while he’s up, for round two and it’s going to be an incredibly hot time. Lol. He’s gonna film me so when that happens I’ll definitely post photos of him in me. But for now here’s me in daddy’s jockstrap, and with the dildo in last night. Lol. Oh and also my nasty pig harness, and some nipple clamps... I didn’t cum into the pouch though cuz it still smells like daddy just a little bit and I’m gonna enjoy that subtle aroma as long as I can haha. But I’m gonna wear his jock often though. Haha
fuck so hot man.