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Never Have I Ever... had sex in public


Jockstrap Fan
I already once
I was looking for some guy on grindr and I found a super hot guy, well defined body, dick probably 15 centimeters, tall, and a perfect ass
He didn't have a place and neither did I, so he suggested meeting me in a quiet square with big trees.
I went, it was night, there was no one in the square besides him and me, I followed him to a well-hidden area and we started kissing
We kiss for a while until he reaches down and takes my cock out of my shorts and starts sucking. That was probably the best blowjob I've ever had in my life hahaha. After he has sucked me, he gets up and I reach down to suck him, his cock was amazing, it was thick, uncut, and a lot of pre-cum came out of his cock
After a while like this, he takes me and I tell him to turn around, he turns around, I lower his pants and start passing my dick in his hole and then I fuck him
I fucked him while jerking off his cock, we stayed like that for about 20 minutes until he announced he was about to cum
He comes first and then I come inside his ass, after that I stay a little bit inside him until my dick softens
After that we left

There's another story of mine but I don't know if I consider it in public because it was inside a car, and we were just masturbating and sucking each other


Jockstrap Fan
Yes. A good friend and I took a daytime road trip down the coast from San Francisco. We stopped at San Gregorio Beach State Park. Unbeknownst to me at the time (this was probably around 1990), this place was quite a popular homosexual cruising area. Not sure if it still is. Above the beach, there was some dense coastal shrubbery which had cleared areas inside and were quite private. My friend & I entered one of the "coastal sex condos" and quickly proceeded to engage in a variety of passionate homosexual sex acts. I was somewhat nervous at first but he was not. Following our lewd, lascivious and libidinous adventure, we continued our journey down the coast for a bit longer. This was my first experience participating in public sexual activity. It was risky and so hot. (I use the word "homosexual" instead of "gay" because I find it arousing.)
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