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Jockstrap Fan
With 600+ members, there has to be a percentage of use who don't drop loads or play watersports. I have several that are stained with years of sweat but, I want to launder most of my collection after I wear them a couple of times. Can anyone advise me on the best way to wash my jocks so I can hand my collection down to the young ones in my family. I'll hand wash but why couldn't they be washed like ladies lingerie in a wash bag? Thanks for the advice! Have a great day and stay supported!


Since I was young it seems to me that when other guys put on their jocks most of us put our dicks in the up position. Cannot remember for sure. Anyway I did. It feels best. But you are correct, they don't stay up. Most guys allowed them to fall down. Some of us kept adjusting them back "up".

Have done hard physical work all my life and need everything hanging high. Furthermore, if my cock falls down into the pouch it crowds my balls, pushing them back farther and also putting pressure on them; it gives me a nut ache.

I can keep my cock up most of the time if I have a jock that is snug and does not have the extra baggy material behind the balls. My cock is just long enough when it's soft that before it falls deep into the pouch it will at least fall over to the side (if I am wearing a snug pouch) and that is fine with me.

Years ago, when many different brands of jocks were sold in every sports store and drug store, it was easy to find jocks that lifted your balls. If I bought a jock with too long of a pouch, I had my wife modify it to fit perfectly. Decades ago there were guys who excelled in wearing their balls as high as they could. You could do this with a suspensory jock (in photo). I'll try to attach two videos, each containing an old-time photo of body builders. If you start the videos it should take you to the exact photos.

If you can hold your balls up high, it will hold your cock up. Sometimes on a hard work day I might wear a tight swimmer jock over a wide waist band BIKE.

Today you can buy jocks with shorter, more supportive pouches: PRO, GYM 2.0 and PRIAPE.

If you are comfortable pointing down, go with it. You are by far the majority.
Thank you for the information.