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Jockstraps required for Physical Education Class.....a forgotten era


Jockstrap Fan
Most impressive! Cum multiple times while stroking or rests in between?
Yes, more details please... How did you fit 18 in the day?
Rests in between.
It was a weekend, and I had nothing else to do, so I spent the day in my bedroom playing video games and jerking off.
My dick was rubbed raw by the end of the day. I couldn't jerk off for two days till skin developed back on it.

Library Jock

Jockstrap Fan
From seventh to 12th grade (1970 to 1976), jockstraps were required for twice-a-week gym class. A couple of gym teachers would have jock checks. The guys would line up in the locker room next to the door that led out to the gym. The coaches would have us guys drops our gym shorts and see if we were wearing our jocks. No jock meant that you couldn't take gym class which also meant that you were cutting class and could receive detention

One p.e. teacher kept his door open and we could see him changing clothes. He always wore a jock


Jockstrap Fan
What were some of the reasons that your parents, PE instructor, or coaches gave on why you needed to wear a jock?

strapped wrangler

Jockstrap Fan
What were some of the reasons that your parents, PE instructor, or coaches gave on why you needed to wear a jock?
My Dad started us wearing jocks before puberty when we didn't have anything to put in them yet. He said they were a great athletic garment that gave you freedom of movement. He was a jock wearer, and I think in reality he wanted to see his sons wearing jocks too.

I don't remember what reason the school coaches said. I remember the word "protection".

The other boys said that "It would protect you if you got hit in the balls". Nobody ever got hit in the balls, and if you did a jock wouldn't do much. We didn't really understand the wisdom.

The TRUTH, which I learned later, is that jocks prevent dangling and tugging balls. The (unnoticed) rubbing around causes calcification of the cells and reduces testosterone and sperm production. They prevent twisted chords which teen age boys are very vulnerable to because the balls haven't anchored to the scrotum yet. Jocks prevent rubbing of the glans, which goes numb and ruins sex.

15% of men get varicocele, swollen chords, if they don't support their nuts, especially working men who do heavy lifting. It turns out my dad and I are in that group. We are all different. We can only know what works for us.

BOOT CAMP. Our drill sergeant said that some men don't like to wear jocks, but when they gave men free choice the infirmary was filled with men who damaged their nuts. So everyone was required to wear a jockstrap.

I once had a friend with a short cock. He wore a jock for daily wear. Some asshole challenged him in the locker room that he didn't have enough to need a jock. But jocks aren't just for the hung guys with long cocks. They are for the nuts, and it doesn't matter what size of nuts you have. They can all dangle when you don't want them to. My friend, by the way, had a hefty set of nuts, but the guy who criticized him didn't think of that.

Q: Why do I wear a jock?
A: "Because my balls said they like it when I wear a jock. If you don't believe me, you can ask them for yourself."