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Jockstraps in the Movies


Jockstrap Artist
Another movie with jockstrap scenes is Mystery Alaska.

I found this scene, don't know if there are others, I've not seen the film. Team punishment is stripping to jock and then sliding on your back , bare ass first into the snow bank.


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Jockstrap Artist

This popped up in another search, Peter Dante in a jockstrap in Grown Ups 2. No word on if he wears that jock under his clothes for the rest of the movie. Skiing in a jockstrap is hot, wanton firearm discharge by deranged cop not so much.




Jockstrap Fan
The scene from Porky’s where the guy pulls his pants down to reveal his jock. Then sticks his dick through the peep hole/drain into the girls locker room got me through many a jerk sessions. I would just rewind it over and over.

Not a jockstrap but there’s a scene in Whatever It Takes with James Franco tied to bed in a thong and black socks and humiliated by his classmates. This scene has been burned into my brain since I’ve seen it and low key always want to end up in a similar situation
Here Chicky Chicky. Porky Movie's are the best and so funny. Wouldn't make them now.


Jockstrap Fan
Screen shots from the John Candy movie Summer Rental (1985) - he is complaining about living next door to a huge group of male lifeguards


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Jockstrap Fan

IMDB is your friend :)

some of my favorites not mentioned yet: Courage Under Fire (Lou Diamond Phillips), The Rage: Carrie 2 (in a pre-game meeting, football coach demands bubble butt player to pull down his pats, revealing his jock), Spring Breakers- (Jockboy fucked up dancing in his jockstrap at a party), Train -20080 (horror film features scene with jock dared to run through train in his jockstrap)


Jockstrap Fan
DICK SHAWN wore a jockstrap in the movie IT's a MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD . It can be seen throughout the movie. When he is dancing you can see "SOMETHING ELSE " not sure what though! Even the stunt double wore a jockstrap and I wondered if he wore the same one!