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Gardening Outside

Alex Bralmy

Jockstrap lover / Bulge worshiper / Cock sucker
Have also snagged some outdoor/work time in my jocksnd also get off over the risk in getting caught. Beyond that fence is a fairly busy street with a sidewalk and if a guy is much over 6’ he can easily see over and any large type truck gets a full view. Both have happened;)
I’m 6’6”!


Jockstrap Fan
The white jock looks like the one the doc put on me after hernia surgery in Apr.
That’s interesting
My doctor told me to wear a jock after hernia surgery
Didn’t tell him I’ve worn a jock nearly everyday for years


Jockstrap Fan
the thrill of 'acidentally' sharing your secret can be intoxicating. that day i was gardening i was initally cautious, afraid (and secretly hoping) a neighbor would be able to see what i was doing - one never knows who might look over the fence, or be working outside another house. eventually, i threw caution to the wind...no shirt, no shorts, no sandals - just me in green. below are a couple ot earlier 'test shots' of me outside, as i felt out my surroundings.
I felt the same way the first time several years ago when I started sunbathing nude on my patio in the backyard.


Jockstrap Fan
This was more of a process and evolution. In high school, practicing for the soccer team in August. It was hot. Remember Larry Bird, how short the shorts were back then? Well our shorts were about 1' from waist to legs. We all wore jocks, end every guys jock was above his shorts much of the time. I thought it was rather erotic. Those Russell shorts just last and last and I still were them but I know they will wear out eventuallly; but haven't yet. If I'm working on the median or picking up trash, I'll wear my longer shorts but keep the top of my jock above the waist. I like the look of obviously wearing one and proud of it. A couple years back, I was talking to a local Policeman and he mentioned my jock. He likes wearing his too. It turns out that a man can be anywhere, but particularly in his own yard and just wear his jock strap. It is not illegal. I have several acres here in the city limits and half of them are not visible to my neighbors. I can mow the yard, walk along the creek; whatever I want just wearing my jock and have for over a decade. A bridge crosses the creek and occasionally a man will be walking or jogging and I just mind my own business. They can stop and watch, which I enjoy, but legally...I'm OK. I will duck behind a tree or something if a woman crosses, I generally only want to share with other men. Yes, after dark, I've gotten the mail or the paper just in my supporter. Out on the street is a bit exciting. Now, as far as gardening, I've done that too as in the summer it light around 6. I find it just as interesting. I really enjoy just wearing my jock and there isn't anything wrong with that. - Steven


Jockstrap Fan
The perfect gardening attire, apparel, tool! Let's garden together!

Weeding, riding the mower, watering the garden. Actually, I don't think many people passing my home on a busy road do not have time to pay attention to anything except their phone. While in the warmer months, I just wear a jock and it doen't seem to bother anyone. It certainly does not bother me. I have caught the eyes of a few or our men in Blue, and they have stopped by. I've never gotten in trouble. But, it's been a real turn on for me and I have just worked out with policemen & sheriffs enough over the years that I don't get flustered. They don't ridicule or shame me, but the fact that you don't run away or act ashamed, seems to mean more. - Steven


Jockstrap Fan
l was sitting on a towel in my jock pulling crab grass in the yard, one afternoon. A neighbor lady walked up and I had a chance to pull the towel over my pouch . She decided to sit down and chat. haha. Well now and then I had all the crab grass pulled out and had to move to another area. I chose to scoot backwards, every time, pulling the towel with me. Must have been a hoot to watch. I thought she would never leave, and she stayed about 45 minutes. But the entire time I was trying to figure out how to get that towel around me so I could stand up. It got so wound up and around my butt, and it became really uncomfortable. I think she might have done it on purpose.
That event kind of put a stop to my weeding in just my jock.
I am outside working in my yard most of my free time though, and always pull the back strap up out of my shorts. Also like to wear small nylon running shorts with split sides so the butt straps show.


Jockstrap Fan
I too have also done outdoor work in my jock and also gotten off over the risk in getting caught. Beyond that fence is a fairly busy street with a sidewalk and if a guy is much over 6’ he can easily see over and any large type truck gets a full view. I also enjoy shoveling the sidewalk and the end of the drive wearing my Carhart one piece zip up. The warmer I get, the lower the zipper goes. On a snowy day, there is little traffic before 8AM and by that time my main zipper is as low as it gets and the side zippers are unzipped too. I'm fairy exposed, so if a truck or fire truck passes by, I don't bother zipping up. I generally stand erect and reveal that I am not wearing anything but my jock and the the Carhart. I do not understand why people care. You are dressed, you are not masturbating, most guys do not care if the see a man just wearing a jock.. It's like a man's bikini. I figure most men find it interesting. I find it interesting.


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